Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


Typical poor form by the police in deliberately leaking to the media.


I’ve thought Bomber Thompson was the Yellow King for many years now and this just helps strengthen my case.


My advice to Bomber, don’t self-report.


Looks like they’ve finally found that African gang leader. Alllllways the one you least suspect.


Broken door. Door broken


Why is this in NON ESSENDON STUFF ?


mhmm. yup.


Oh what a load of crapp


I’d be lying if I said that I’m surprised by this news.

Hopefully he’s tracking ok.


thanks disco.


Maybe you should talk to him about it?


Latest reports are suggesting that it is some of Bomba’s dubious acquaintances are the ones that are under investigation


Wonder why they are spending 3 hrs searching Bomba’s house.


There was a rumour doing the rounds over here a couple of weeks ago that one of his acquaintances was the bloke who got pinged in Geraldton with the billion dollar meth haul. WA blitzers might know more about it. I’d say anyone who knew this bloke would be get raided currently


Mark “Bomber” Thompson’s home raided
Anthony Dowsley, Chanel Kinniburgh and Mark Buttler, Herald Sun
January 8, 2018 10:05pm
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AFL great Mark “Bomber’’ Thompson’s house has been raided by police as part of an undisclosed investigation.

Victoria Police confirmed it executed a warrant at a converted warehouse in Rouse St, Port Melbourne, the home of the former Essendon champ­ion and coach, on Friday.

Divisional response unit police from Geelong and Melbourne executed the warrant.

Sources told the Herald Sun the investigation, details of which are not known, is to unfold in coming days.

It is believed the investigation will lead to arrests within days and involves several suspects, though Thompson’s connection is unknown.

Friends of Thompson have indicated that he has been struggling with mental health problems.

Victoria Police yesterday told the Herald Sun: “Detectives from Southern Metro Divisional Response Unit and Geelong Divisional Response Unit executed a warrant at Port Melbourne on 5/1/18. ­Detectives attended the Rouse Street address at 9.30am … No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.”

Police sources say Thompson may have become embroiled in an inquiry of which he is not the target. Sources last night could not confirm whether he had become entangled via phone intercepts.

Thompson, 54, was fined $30,000 for his part in the 2012 Essendon supplements saga.

He has described himself as being “bitter and twisted’’ over the protracted scandal, blaming it for the breakdown of his marriage to second wife Jana.

Thompson, an astute businessman, last year made a reported $7 million after selling his stake in a farm at Armstrong Creek, near Mount Duneed, on the outskirts of Geelong.

The three-time premiership player’s career spanned 1983 to 1996, and he led Geelong to two premierships as coach in 2007 and 2009.

He stood in for James Hird to coach Essendon in 2014.

Thompson drove a black four-wheel drive past the Rouse St property just after 5.30pm yesterday before taking off down an alleyway.

Workers next door, who asked not to be named, said police had spent a large part of Friday at the address.

“We could see them coming in and out the whole day. They left about 5pm,” one man said.

“We didn’t see them taking anything, but they had gloves on and they were taking photos of things. There were quite a few police cars, including undercover cops.

“I don’t think he was home. I haven’t seen him for a while. He just comes in occasionally.”

Another neighbour, Steve, who did not want his surname published, said Thompson was not home when police arrived.

“The first eight cops had a battering ram and they just smashed his door down and went charging in. Then a second lot of eight cops went in and they smashed down another door inside. All they took out was a few evidence bags. They didn’t look big.

“From time to time, you see him. You only see his vehicle here every once and a while.

“He was here on Saturday, stayed the night, and cleaned up the area.”

Another said a bald man with full arm and shoulder tattoos had been living at the property and he had seen numerous visitors coming and going during the final two weeks of last year.


Looks like Mr Sunbury was right about Bomber having some mental health problems. Really hope he gets better and gets the help he needs.


So did 3AW. We’ll he’s an Essendon champion as a player and Geelong champion as coach, but most people remember the player rather than the coach


Mr sunbury was the source.


Sounds like a frustrated Collingwood supporter.


Thompsons home, but I don’t recon he has been living there much by the sounds of it. Probably rented out to said person at the end of the article on something like Stays. I am tipping it has nothing to do with Bomber at all, and all about said person mentioned at the bottom of the article, and coming and going of people to visit that person. wink wink