Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


Not charged (yet). Released pending further investigation. From the same ch10 reprt.



Arrested =/= Charged




Note that the report does not say he was arrested for or charged with drug trafficking. If a property we own is used for illegal activities then we have some questions to answer. The idea that Bomber is trafficking is ludicrous. The fact that he is struggling to cope with a fake charge by the AFL is totally believable.


It could just be that because he owns the place he has been charged happened to a friend of mine who’s cousin had drugs & stolen goods in his room at her house she got charged because it was her house …she got off with a good behaviour bond & no conviction recorded once it was proved she had nothing to do with any of it


If she had nothing to do with it she should have got nothing…


Agree 100%. “We must be very careful how we portray Bomber at the moment”, followed by ■■■■ like this in the rest of the article: “totally unhinged his mindset”, “he’s got some issues mentally, I’ve got no doubt about that” & “He’s battling big time”. Yeah, you’re being real careful, Fwit. Actually met Spud once, struck me as an up himself flog who thought he was much better than he actually was. I think it was during the middle of his stellar career coaching Richmond.


Understand Bomba’s been released without charge this afternoon.

It’s possible he’s just been caught up in this as a result of some of the people using his Port Melb property, as per my earlier post (google those two businesses I mentioned if you want more detail).

If that is the case, I’d love to see that ol’ dial-a-quote ar*eclown Frawley explain himself.


ABC reporting the event, as “A MAN”, … no names or other deetz.

“Police have not named/ identified …”

Good onya Aunty. There is at least one bastion of integrity left.


My words a few minutes ago to the letter.




Am I doing the outrage right?


‘Man linked to bikies’ staying at Bomber’s home, according to the Hun.


Lead story on right now:

BOMBER ARRESTED: Mark Thompson has ‘issues mentally’

as opposed to

Mark Thompson released without charge by VicPol

Which is a lot more accurate and far less degrading. I really hate the media in this country.


We all know this, but how ■■■■ is our media.


Bomber walked into the police station, was questioned and then released = arrested…WTF


And, as well all know, mud sticks


Didn’t the Police release a statement saying they had arrested a 54-year-old Port Melbourne man?


Linked to bikies eh? Like Push up king, Dustin Martin, Dane Swan, me and a million other people that happen to know a bikie.

Edit. I forgot Tyrone and of course Mike Fitzpatrick king of the arsehats.