Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


Frawley, you’re a hypocrite. And a steaming hot grogan.


And this bloke was head of the coaches association. Imagine how insightful and supportive he must have been to Bomber and Hirdy during the saga.


WTF, as if Frawley would know the specifics.


He is a spud by name and by nature


“We’ve got to be very careful with how we report this”


“We need to be careful what we say”


Nice work Frawley you sponge headed clowns anoos.


Perfect example of when you should have the awareness to keep your mouth shut and not say anything.
If what he says has any basis in fact then nothing he said in any way helps the situation. So much for following his own advice and being careful.


Why have you not been diverted then?


Didn’t frawley get all upset after someone called him a headcase?


Didn’t Frawley admit to some sort of breakdown when he was head of the coaches association because he couldn’t handle the job?
He should just shut up.


Geez Spud! Needs to keep his mouth shut.


I sympathise/empathise with Frawley and what he’s been through recently, but you’d think after all that he’d have learned a bit about keeping his mouth shut about other people’s issues. No idea.


SPUD by name, SPUD by nature.


Now, fking Costa has to stick his nose in. Fk me. This town is fkd up.


That makes literally no sense


This. Oh my goodness.


‘Hey Hirdy, I want to help you out mate, but you’re a head case, mate.’


Ch 10 reporting Bomba arrested

Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson has been arrested by police following an investigation into alleged drug trafficking in Port Melbourne.

It comes after his house was raided on Friday.

Police released a statement on Tuesday, saying they had arrested a 54-year-old Port Melbourne man.

He has been released without charge pending further enquiries.




Drug trafficking


Hopefully this is the impetus for him to get his life back on track.