Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


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PS Fark Carlton.


One would think so but it depends on whether you have well connected friends in high places.


Makes no difference. Suspicion is suspicion. Haven’t we learned anything from the past few years.


Herald Scum plumbing new depths with it’s front page…


Bomber was NEVER arrested by police, the media got that wrong. They have slowly started correcting it but the damage has been done.

A MAN who was reportedly living in AFL legend Mark “Bomber” Thompson’s home has been charged for alleged drug trafficking.
Thompson presented himself by appointment to police yesterday and was released without charge, according to the Herald Sun.


The armchair psychiatrists are going to have a field day (as they already are). Just wait till they link the “saga” to this and Hirdy’s struggles…


Don’t know re HS but this one is pretty straightforward

Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson quizzed amid bikie drugs probe


AFL great Mark “Bomber” Thompson was questioned yesterday as part of an ­investigation into alleged drug trafficking, after he presented himself to police.

Police confirmed that a 54-year-old Port Melbourne man had attended a police station by appointment at 2pm.

He was later released ­without charge “pending further inquiries”.

Detectives from Prahran Divisional Response Unit and the Geelong Divisional Response Unit on Friday raided a Port Melbourne warehouse owned by Thompson, 54, and were filmed from a neighbouring building ­entering the premises accompanied by bangs and shouting.

The raid was reportedly part of a drug investi­gation that began in Geelong.

The Geelong Divisional Response Unit has charged three people with trafficking drugs of dependence, according to a police statement released yesterday. Karl “Bang Bang” Holt, 31, of Lara, and Thomas “Tom” Windsor, 28, of Port Melbourne, were charged and remanded in ­custody.

A 22-year-old woman from Mill Park was also charged.

Mr Windsor is believed to have been spending time at Thompson’s Port Melbourne property before detectives raided the premises on Friday morning.

Mr Holt allegedly has links to the Bandidos motorcycle gang, while Mr Windsor is alleged to have links to the Rebels.

Both are heavily tattooed, with Mr Holt having “bang” written across his hands.

Mr Holt updated his Facebook cover photo in October to show a black Mercedes-Benz with the ­licence plate “ONBA1L”.

Thompson, who did not ­respond to calls yesterday, played 202 matches for ­Essendon from 1983 to 1996, winning three premierships with the club.

He coached Geelong for 260 matches from 2000 to 2010, including leading the team to premierships in 2007 and 2009.

He also served as an assistant coach at Essendon during the 2012 peptide scandal and later replaced James Hird as senior coach in 2014.

He was fined $30,000 for his role in the peptide saga.

Former AFL Coaches Association head Danny Frawley said there were concerns about Thompson’s mental health following the ­Essendon team’s doping saga. Frawley said he had no doubt Thompson was “battling big time”.

Former Geelong president Frank Costa said Thompson was in a “state of mental anxiety” because of a combination of factors, including his marriage breakdown, his leaving Geelong to work at Essendon, and becoming embroiled in the doping saga.

On Monday, neighbours of Thompson’s Port Melbourne property said there had been visitors to the ­address recently.

“A couple of weeks ago late at night there was quite a few people coming and going,” one said. “Guys with tattoos, and people coming and going.”

A battering ram was used to smash down the Rouse Street property’s front door in Friday’s raid, in which detectives spent about eight hours collecting evidence. An internal door was also smashed, and bags of evidence were removed.

Thompson had recently tasted success in the property market after he sold his share of a 16ha property near Geelong for $7 million. (tis behind a paywall)


May as well post this one too

Bomber Thompson ex-wife speaks of concern as he’s caught up in drug-trafficking sting

Peter Rolfe, Exclusive, Herald Sun
January 9, 2018 11:53pm

FAMILY and friends of troubled footy great Mark Thompson have raised concerns for his wellbeing.

Thompson’s former wife, Jana Clack, has spoken of his downward spiral before Friday’s raid on his Port Melbourne home and his subsequent police interview yesterday.

“I just feel for his kids and his parents,’’ she said.

Ms Clack, who married the former Essendon star and Geelong premiership coach in 2012, said she was worried about Thompson in the wake of the police probe.

“It’s not what you want to hear,’’ she said. “I just hope he’s OK. I’ll just wait and see how it pans out.’’

Ms Clack said life had been hard for Thompson in the wake of the long-running Essendon supplements scandal.

“It’s just never-ending,’’ she said.

“The silliest thing he ever did was leaving Geelong.

“It’s all gone downhill from there … it’s been one thing after another.

“But he’s got to sort his own s— out himself.’’

Ms Clack, who married Thompson in an Echuca wedding attended by the likes of James Hird and former Cats players Matthew Scarlett and Cameron Mooney, said he made contact with family after Friday’s raid.

She told the Herald Sun the impact of the 2012 supplements scandal took a heavy toll on Thompson, 54, including the breakdown of their marriage.

“He withdrew from everyone,’’ she said.

“He as far as I know he just started seeing his family again.’’

She described her dealings with the triple Essendon premiership star as “very few and far between’’ since their separation about 2½ years ago.

“I don’t know what he’s been up to for the past 2½ years,’’ she said.

“I don’t know who he has been hanging around with.

“I hope he hasn’t been silly.’’

Gary O’Donnell, who played with Thompson in the Bombers’ 1993 flag, said he last saw him late last season.

“He was fine — Bomber being Bomber,’’ he said.

“I know Bomber the player and he was exemplary — a ­really great player’s captain.’’

But former Geelong president Frank Costa said he noticed a change in Thompson in 2010 after his first marriage broke down and he was secretly approached by Essendon.

“A couple of things happened that affected Mark’s mental state,” Costa said.

“First thing that happened, he left his wife. His children wouldn’t talk to him — he’s got three children. So things were pretty tough on him mentally.

“At the same time, he’d been approached by Essendon under the table to come and join Essendon and come and help James Hird in coaching the club.’’

Costa said the AFL’s $30,000 fine for bringing the game into disrepute was “terribly unfair on him’’.

“And that put him into a more agitated state of mind than what it otherwise would have been,’’ he said.

“I think a combination of all those things brought him into a state of mental anxiety that has been very detrimental to him overall.’’ (paywall)


“Police have arrested a 54-year-old Port Melbourne man following an investigation into alleged drug trafficking in Port Melbourne,” a Victoria Police statement read.

Is that not Thompson? Or is the statement incorrect and the mistake is with the Police? Or did the media make up a quoted statement?


I think the police spokesperson may have said the wrong thing. He was not arrested, he was asked to come in and he did voluntarily and was released without charge.


Pretty sure he was trying to build a time machine, police mistakenly thought it was drug related. Like this time my girlfriends family were raided because their neighbours thought they were dealing drugs… In reality they were actually dealing Filipino food :joy:





Have not been told Intel on this. Can’t speculate but he’s fine.


Nothing has come across my desk as yet. Will check back later.


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Would you like a tissue, Costa?


Yeah like that time NLM had his house raided and ended up getting arrested because a friend or relation staying at his house had one single eccie.
You’re an absolute numpty if you believe they ever thought it was his case to answer.


He should’ve stayed with his first wife


Tyrone Vickery is still skipping about isnt he


Jana Clack cannot be a real name!

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