Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


My 3 year old nephew punched me in the Janz Clackas on Christmas morning.


Costa has managed to corner the fruit & veg market in Geelong, so definitely wouldn’t have done anything underhand in his entire life, ever!!
How dare Essendon offer Bomber a job back at his home club!


I have heard nothing up here. I never hear anything.


Never go full Yaco.

(yes I know it wasn’t Yaco who said it)




Good thing he’s wearing a Geelong polo in that interview.


How much do you charge for a session?


Only disclose 20% of what you hear.


Every single time I read @Humble_NSW_Fan I read it as Humble_NSFW_Fan and I have to remind myself that he’s an Essendon fan from north of the border, not a fan of watching naked people while at work.

Every single time.


What do you call a pack of drug dealers?


he he


Sometimes I read what people post - blithely and unquestioningly parroting what someone in a position of power has said - and wonder if they’ve been under a rock for oh, pick a number, 5 years.

People (and groups) can have any sort of motivation for doing things, which may be legitimate, or may be a pile of ■■■■. You have to think about what motivations may be and what may be happening under the surface.


Just so you know, I meant the person who posted the silly comment about arrests as not going full Yaco, not you.


Happened to my sister and a house she was renting. They kicked in the front door while she was sleeping, and demanded to know where some guy was. When she was shown the warrant it was soon apparent that they had raided the wrong flat number.


There should be massive compensation payouts for such cockups. Imagine the stress and anxiety that must come from that happening?

And it just shouldn’t happen.

How fkn hard is it to get the right address? Don’t they have Google Maps?


According to my sister, the police seemed more concerned that they had probably tipped off the real target for the raid than the fact they had kicked in an innocent civilian’s door. Fortunately the door could be easily fixed.


Bomber caught in the middle of a ■■■■■ sandwhich.

Bomber and sandwiches just don’t mix.


Nice try.


Just tryin to lighten the mood :wink:


That’s kinda what I’m thinking. How many homes or factory or whatever that joint is, get media attention everyday unless it just so happens to be someone known to public. Cause it’s Thompson’s it is instantly news an they can have a field day with this because of the past. Who knows but that’s my guess. Not enough scandal to print about right now


From what i read, 4 houses raided, drugs found in 3 but i could not find names/photos of the owners of the other properties.