Bomber TV/Podcast Content


Considering it’s 2018 and the technology is readily available I would hardly call it spoon feeding. My question was why has the Podcast feed stopped?


Sorry guys - I’m not across this kind of operation detail. All seemed to be a go for Hard Tag last year and I’m sitting tight and being confident.

I’m not really involved in day to day decisions of the digital department, but I too hope we can continue to produce really engaging and compelling content throughout the season.

I will pass on the feedback, of course.


a nice memo from a board member that simply states ‘not good enough’ seems appropriate. we made huge steps forward last year and seem to have gone further back than where we started from.


Bring back Mad Dog.


Can confirm that De Stoop is available, it seems that the club is just going a different way…

Strange. Maybe they should listen to their fans for once? I loved the Friday Footy Panel.


But they are listening eSports, NBL…


Injury report is out from the club but Stevo has mentioned that some bombers went for scans today that are not on our injury report.

Would love the club to tell the fans first b4 the outside media have a chance to report exclusives!


now THERE’S an idea I can set my watch to.


Not exactly my dream idea. But we could probably get RoCo to do 30 mins of bomber audio content per week now that he’s on our dime couldn’t we?

The Bomber Gloomcast


Can’t travel, can’t get memberships to people in under 6 months, club website barely gets updated ever, NO live hot chip stream…what is this club?


It hasnt stopped. EFC website never included every radio interview done by a EFC player, coach, official or supporter. BB is very good at providing links to interviews in a whole range of formats.


part of the reason why if it wasn’t for blitz, i wouldn’t be as invested in the club.

This community helps me keep connected to the club more than any official channel bothers to.


I get my vfl reports, match replays, crowd observations, HOT CHIPS all from the same source… @theDJR


yeah except no its not, only for ■■■■■ saga links.


I was referring to the official Essendon Football Club iTunes Podcast feed which hasn’t updated since 22 March.


Pretty farked up.


They can’t get permission from Hutchy


Also seems that the podcasts are limited to those chanelled via audioboom.


Permission to do what?


There’s no content anywhere - the website is just genreic match reports and videos, only Dyson appears to have spoken after Saturday.

For a club that spent the whole off season doing story after story on anything but football, it’s fairly odd that the season starts and they shut up shop?