Bomberblitz 4th BBQ! - it happened

Up on the Sunny Coast… not too far from the airport but sadly can’t make it. Look forward to pics & reports. Enjoy!

Dear Blitzers,

It’s with great regret to announce that I cannot attend as i’m needed elsewhere to support my partner for medical reasons.

So I am looking for a volunteer to step up and run the actual day.

I’m happy to provide funds as well so you don’t go hungry and have something to sizzle.

If you are interested please PM me and we can chat.

If I can’t get a volunteer i’ll have to pull the plug on this years BBBQ.

Sorry again but this is not something I can miss.


Sad to hear Soulnet. Wishing you and yours all the best.

I’m sure someone will step up to the plate.

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Sad news Mr Net. I hope your partner gets better asap.

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Super sorry to hear that mate. I hope all goes well with your partner and the medical issues. Not sure if I can run the whole day but maybe with the help of @Hoffy @hambo @Deckham and perhaps @Reboot we can still get this together. Please feel free to pm me mate.


Not good news SN, but family always comes first. I’m happy to help out @Robin_Close


I’m not a very good organiser but happy to do various tasks. Bring food, cook, whatever.


Thanks mate.

It’s a 7 hour drive for me to get there and back, so I’m not much good for the organising thing I’m afraid.

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Ok no worries. I think we will be OK.

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Messaged, @Robin_Close , @Soulnet

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Didn’t get your message.

I’ll PM all later in the day.


Okay, due to personal circumstances, @Soulnet needs to step back from organising this wonderful event and ‘stupidly ‘ they have put me in the drivers seat. If you haven’t already rsvp’d can you PM me please.

Further details to follow,

Could everyone please check what they can bring, and let us know.

Finally, a huge thanks to @Soulnet for getting this bbq started, it is very much appreciated.


Thanks @Hoffy

Thanks all for stepping in to help.


Are we supposed to PM @hoffy with our name phone again now?

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I’m now able to take a flex day next Thursday, so will see youse guys there!

Hoffy, I’ll bring some salad, and some kangaroo steak or kanga bangas or something like that!

(and yes, I realise the irony of koala eating kangaroo… :stuck_out_tongue: )


I think @Soulnet has passed on attendee details to @Hoffy but maybe she can confirm?

I already have your details, so you are good.

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You got mine?

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