Bomberblitz has Moved!


I think BB should have more ads and then use it to sponsor the club after taking some for themselves.


My user name is too long…damn.

Can I abbreviate it or should I get a new user id?


So is there any prospect of getting tracking fixed? None of the four options seem acceptable to me.

You will be notified of every new reply in this topic, and a count of new replies will be shown.

A count of new replies will be shown for this topic. You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.

You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.

You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest.

My default preference would be to see the new post count, have it appear in latest, get @name notices BUT not to be spammed with notices every time someone replies.


Also, and I think simpler, is just click reply in the post you want to quote, then click the wee quote symbol, (like a cartoon text/talk balloon) in the far right corner up top of reply box, … next to the cap B for Bold, and the post you want to quote appears.

I’m loving the preview post box being auto happening while I type too.


Lol. Just loving the merit badges, I feel like I’m in Kindy & just got a Bunny stamp and a Gold Star.

Apparently the Blitz Bot thinks I can read Goodly …

This badge is granted the first time you read a long topic with more than 100 replies. Reading a conversation closely helps you follow the discussion, understand different viewpoints, and leads to more interesting conversations. The more you read, the better the conversation gets. As we like to say, Reading is Fundamental! :slight_smile:


HEY!!! How do I get a bunny stamp???


With so many not having avatars yet I find the variety of colours for the default avatars really upsets the look of the thing. Can the default avatars all be set to grey like on the old blitz?

Probably a pretty insignificant thing to grizzle about but there you have it.

Also any ETA on get the text to wrap properly on Android mobile?


Just have to convince BlitzBot you can read …

Also, check your settings people, there’s some interesting tweaks you can make.

Such as …


Oh my, … I just thought I’d try it, … and it works!!

You can actually just drag images from your desk top, .(Such as that snip of settings above) straight into the comment box, and it seems it uploads direct to the blitz server to become available in the post, rather than having to upload to an external host.

It’s feeling kinda like forum heaven here atm …:astonished:


I can change your username, PM me.


I’ve attempted some pretty strict limits on what can be uploaded. Fill up the server and I’ll have to turn it off.



I’ve just purged the CSS cache, hope this fixes issues on Android, let me know if not. Give the page a refresh or two.

Fixed is the wrong word here… these are system level settings, and not ones I believe I could change. I can ask though.


I should have shut up, … shouldn’t I? :unamused:

Handy for snips though …


Answers above.


Hasn’t fixed it.

I seem to have ads in mobile but didn’t last night on desktop, weird.


Same here


OK I made it. The change password emails were going to me junk mail.

I see there’s new ‘like’ stalking features

  • Who’s given me the most likes?
  • Who’s posts have I liked the most?

I’d say PRE for the first and Stallion for the second.


You should be ad free now.


It seems that every time there is a change, there are less features than the last time. This one wasn’t announced in advance, so that wasn’t helpful either. Is this going to happen every time we get used to one format?