Booing P Ryder

Good again


Professional under contract publicly takes a big disruptive ■■■■ on the club, mere days before their first winnable final in years

Punters who paid his wage for 9 (largely disappointing) years have a right to vent their feelings

There’s the right way to do things and the wrong way.


Apparently his up and downs were part of the problem


Call me a 6 year old then. Loved Paddy when he was with us but was always frustrated that in the 150 odd games he played he was never consistently good until his final year. Lifts his earning capacity, took a massive dump on the club, and didn’t even head home to play in WA.

I booed him first time he got the ball, got it out of my system and moved on. Didn’t boo Hibbo or Melk and won’t boo Paddy again, though I’ll give it a fair shake when we play that flog Carlisle

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I didn’t boo him, but I was watching it in my lounge room.

Like any relationship that finishes on a bad, bad note it’s only natural that you would carry some resentment (especially if lies are involved) and they let him know the only way they could. Hopefully it’s done and dusted now.



■■■■ Ryder and ■■■■ Port.


Can’t see how we were bent over with picks 17 and 39 when most would hold the view he gave us good service, nothing outstanding, just good.

I hated seeing Heath Hocking barely break even a few weeks ago at Windy Hill in a thumping of Geelong in the twos. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten he exists, it’s a combination of where he’s at in his career, new coach coming in but ultimately the saga.He amongst others is what you may refer to as a good clubman.

Contrast that with Paddy, I can’t imagine there’d be too many of us who didn’t have a massive soft spot for the guy. When he went, the way he went, the timing, a lot of hearts were broken.

I now have fonder memories of Alex Browne’s comeback from injury against Norf (when we were dogged by the umps) at Etihad and respect for a career spanning about 15 games, than I do Paddy’s 170 odd games and that 3/4 goal against Norf in that Elimination Final loss.

When GWS offered pick 4 for him and Sydney were willing to give us Tom Mitchell for him I say we were well and truly bent over



I actually yelled out, “Don’t boo Paddy” after the first big boo.

But that was mainly because the last time we did it he kicked 4 goals, and won the match for them.

He knows why we would do it, he also knows we used to love him.

I don’t think we’ll bother doing it too much again.

It’s all about scale. What port were offering him equates to much more than what we got. The fact that he was still contracted equates to them having to pay overs. The fact that hed turn up on occasion equates to us getting ■■■■■■■ ripped offm

The players all seemed to embrace him post match. Not 100% sure but I reckon they know him and what happened better than us all the way over here in the outer.


If we’re reading into things, Heppell shook his hand, turned away, and spat.


Gil made sure the saga gave us no leverage with Paddy. He could go where he wanted or where his ‘well intentioned’ advisors wanted him to go.

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Yes probably true, but really it’s a storm in a teacup, obviously nothing else happening in the AFL media world.

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Could have been one of those embraces where you slip in a few choice words simultaneously

The main thing is that he is closer to his family


I’m upset that the media are upset about us trying to upset Paddy for upsetting us.