Bored and did a thing


Thanks blitz, I didn’t get enough spam through every other form of media, I’m now getting it directly from the valued community known as blitz.

■■■■■■■ aces



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I clicked on Wim’s link, and now I have all these p*orn videos popping up on my phone.

I’m almost 20% certain they weren’t there previously.


Really sorry.
I’ll delete thread.

I was (unsuccessfully) kidding.

I do have no idea what this is, though. But that’s ok.

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You bastard.


Dammit, I was bored and wanted to start a thread.

Now what do I do.


How do we salvage the thread, I feel like it had potential. Now it’s just a mystery I’ll never know

It’s not that interesting.
I feel like you can see what it was by looking at the edit or something maybe?

It doesn’t have the edit. Maybe that’s a first post thing. Dunno

Maybe we can try and guess

Was it a selfie?

In a way…

Katniss died first wtf

Oh, are you not getting the edited version?

I don’t know if I played it right. It sort of auto selected then each time you click proceed it randomises the days events?

Some dweeb from district 3 won.

It’s supposed to be blitzers.

Nope mine was definitely Hunger Games :joy:

Which I thought was rather odd. I mean maybe your a big fan!

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