Boulder, CO

From the EFC Website:

Players attending the camp

Mark Baguley

Tom Bellchambers

Alex Browne

Jake Carlisle

Travis Colyer

Cory Dell‘Olio

Courtenay Dempsey

Brendon Goddard

Kyle Hardingham

Dyson Heppell

Michael Hibberd

Heath Hocking

Cale Hooker

Ben Howlett

Michael Hurley

Leroy Jetta

Nick Kommer

Jake Melksham

David Myers

Tayte Pears

Patrick Ryder

Ariel Steinberg

Dylan Van Unen

Jobe Watson

David Zaharakis


That means Stanton (wtf?), Daniher, Winderlich, O'Brien (again, wtf?), Ashby, Merrett x2, KAV, Fletch, Gleeson, Gregory, Hams, Chappy, Edwards, Aylett, Fantasia, Ambrose, Dalgliesh, Thurley and Raynor miss out.


Some of the ones who miss are for obvious reasons (Fletch, Chappy, Winders) but I would've thought they'd take the young fringe midfielder brigade in KAV, Hams, Edwards, J Merrett, O'Brien, etc. And any reason why Stants isn't on the trip either?

Ok, who's going to hook who first?

Some interesting inclusions and exclusions. Some might not need it. Some might not appreciate long flights, for instance Stants might struggle to go that long without a coffin nail?

Stanton and O'Brien aren't WTFs. They are probably the two best endurance athletes at the club (along with Raynor who is obviously not on the senior list). They don't need it.

The rookie vets are going.

Stanton staying back as a leader for the younger crop i imagine! 

O'Brien may also be struggling with injuries from previous years, so they might have him on restricted program! 

The rookie vets are going.

Probably in the hopes that they can reach another level and have an impact next year. To be honest I'd say the new rookies are more of a chance to get a game at AFL level next year, but good luck to them anyway.

The most interesting of the inclusions is Van Unen! 

I think the club imagined him to play more this past season but was unlucky with injuries and match ups in games in seniors. 

Pears and Hardingham were also in front of him! 

Could Van Unen be remoulded as a defensive forward? 


Taking Heppell is a great sign that he has recovered from his surgery!

No mystery, Stanton hates flying.

Good to see the club showing faith in Leroy.

Stants hates flying, will stay home and lead the youngsters with Fletch where he can have a dart…

Was told top 26 players were meant to be going by one of the players. So no real surprises about those picked (or Fletch, Winders, Chappy, Stants staying back) but I am shocked that Van Unen and Steinberg in particular are going over, perhaps expected to play a role this year. I would think they want Daniher to keep putting on size moreso than work on endurance at present.

The Dell Hole love fest continues.

Jetta lol

Stealth Bomber where are you? Its that time of year to make yourself useful.....

Stants, Nob and Raynor doing Nepal.

reckon Kommer will really benefit, cant wait to see how he goes in 14.

hope they get a good amount of bonding done, because this High altitude stuff is BS.

hope they get a good amount of bonding done, because this High altitude stuff is BS.

High altitude training actually works quite well. Just not how we do it. To really benefit you would need to top up by training at altitude/in an altitude room regularly during the season. All we get this way is a better base faster. Do we have altitude rooms at the HPC?

Here's the team from that squad. I think we can all agree this is what Bomberblitz wants.
B:  Baguley    Hurley    VU
HB: Hocking    Hooker    Melksham
C:  Pears      Hibberd   Dempsey
HF: Hardingham Steinberg Zaharakis
F:  Goddard    Carlisle  Ryder
R: Bellchambers  Watson  Heppell
Bench: Myers Kommer Howlett
Sub: Colyer
Emerg: Browne Dell‘Olio                           Jetta