Bourke Street Part Deux

Man shot following Bourke Street car fire

A man has been shot by police after setting his car alight and stabbing two people on Bourke Street.

It is understood the man stopped his car on Bourke Street, near the Target store, and set it alight.

The video above comes with a VERY STRONG GRAPHIC VIOLENCE WARNING.

This isn’t a joke.

Appreciate the warning.
Won’t be watching.

Mrs Wim told me about this.
My immediate thought was how the hell do cars have access to the mall in this day and age?
She said trams, but how can we not work around that?
Can we not get rid of trams from the mall too?

I hope the nok’s sue for millions.

Crazy, crazy world :frowning: And very brave police.


Feel for the police


Hope they got him alive.
Gonna have patients in hijabs saying no religion for the next six months now.

Who are these people who just stand around filming stuff? Get the fark out of the area FFS


I have just left the city somewhat shaken, I was walking past the target centre as it happened and felt the “Boom” of the ute, being some 100m away.

What happened next was an incredible sense of curiosity, dread and panic. I don’t envy emergency services for having to do that type of work but I admire them. Whilst I was in my panicked and, I’ll be honest, freightened state, they gear up and head towards it. I have a brother in the Academy and have a new found respect for his chosen career.

I don’t know what convinces people to do something like this but they sure can’t be of sane mind. I don’t have word to describe the attacker and honestly I’d rather keep it that way. I hope the victims involved are able to recover and somehow somewhere there is a magical solution found that rids the world of this type of incident.

I can’t say how it’s made me feel immediately, I still don’t know what I feel having been a witness. Be safe Melbourne.


Look after yourself JM. Utilise counselling services as soon as you can. When the dust settles, make yourself known to police and let them know what you saw.


Cops should have shot him well before they did.


Didn’t help with a wannabe hero pushing a shopping trolley in their way


One dead from stabbing


We could hear the sirens at work and wondered what was going on and then twitter lit up like a christmas tree with all the accounts live.

As for saying the police should have shot him sooner…they can’t win no matter what they do.

They used to shoot a lot sooner and people have been bleating for years to teach them how not to shoot people, just subdue them. Now they try to subdue and people yell for them to shoot.


Without diminishing the impact to the victim(s), you’d get worse from a nutbag in Stawell.


Dont you dare judge those brave men and women. They run towards the danger not away from it. You have no idea how difficult it is to respond to an incident like this. VP are a damn sight better than most at it, too.


Saw coppers at the end of elizabeth st with submachine guns - guess it wasn’t an exercise.

I don’t doubt their bravery AT ALL. I think they’re handicapped by ridiculous politically correct opinions and political feedback that you need to subdue rather than take out.
Police have families to go home to, they should be free to do whatever is necessary immediately to be able to go home and see them, not ■■■■ around with a mad man at such close quarters that could very well have had a suicide vest on.


Absolute bollocks. But I suppose you could respond better in dealing with a knife wielding maniac


What time did it happen - I was at the optus store on bourke st/elizabeth st when they locked the doors just after 5pm. Stay safe all.