Bourke Street Part Deux


Considering the amount of ‘social commentators’ and opinion piece journalist… it’s any wonder we make our own decisions and judgements.


what a piece of ■■■■ glad the cop shot him




This concept is a very profound one that plumbs the depths of human psyche - probably not going to get it resolved in here.


I don’t believe that all murderers are mentally ill. While some certainly are, many others kill out of passion or vengeance or anger or malevolance or some other emotion/belief.

And even if that does play a role, in many cases it’s not a complete excuse. If you’re aware that you have tendencies or issues, you can seek treatment or ask for help.

I also don’t believe that all terrorists are mentally ill. Some people simply have a warped view of morality and believe that killing in the name of their god is a moral virtue, not an act of evil. They are otherwise perfectly sane. To simply dismiss their actions offhand is to say that there isn’t something more insidious, more troubling at play. It might feel good to convince yourself of that, but you’d be deluding yourself to do so.



  1. Hooker - forward or back?

  2. Is AOD legal?

  3. Are people who commit violent acts like murder mentally unbalanced or are there a different set of complex social, cognitive and environmental factors, which, combined with, or perhaps in addition to, mental stability which contribute to same?


donuts iced or cinnamon?


Are army snipers or bomber pilots mentally stable?

Their job is to kill people.

The only real difference between war deaths and murder is a legal definition.

Down the rabbit hole we go…

  1. What is ‘Human Morality’?

  1. Are we human or are we dancer?


A set of optional guidelines to assist in decisions which mostly involve bonking.




That’s a rhetorical question - surely nobody chooses cinnamon when there is iced available.


I don’t know why people keep calling this “radicalisation” when what they are really doing is the opposite: they are behaving more in line with fundamental Islam. The very structure of Islam resists attempts at reforming it in line with modern principles. Radical Islam would be reforming it consistent with modern and rational principles, such as women’s equality, and not killing people because they have a different religion.

Modern Muslims should address the problem of fundamentalization.

But people here would rather talk about doughnuts, so carry on.


Nah, Cinnamon every time, … provided they’re ringed with raspberry jam.

Icing makes my gut tighten and my teeth ache just looking at it.




I used to like you.


Wtf is wrong with you man? :joy: