Bourke Street Part Deux


That’s a bit harsh…


Cinnamon is the way to go, though nutella doughnuts when they are freshly made properly still win


Nutella anything is ■■■■■■. Particularly nutella itself.

Thread seems to be tracking well btw.


And also, if the state had adequate lock-up mental health facilities many of these deranged individuals would not be roaming the streets on bail.

Having experienced twice where my partner and I had to evacuate our home
because prisoners with mental health issues had escaped from jail and somehow had access to privileged personal information. They took hostages, had a weapon and stole cars on the way and I have been held hostage. Tricky employment.

Safety is pretty much an illusion. You can only put in place what you think you need and will be adequate which keeps you feeling comfy and as my Buddhist Teacher says, keep good company. Even then, sometimes, you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


You’re dead to me


Whereas he’s gone up a notch in my eyes


There are people who don’t like Nutella? Honestly?


I’ve never really got into it. Conceptually it seems OK but I’m just not a chocolate aficionado.


Good good


Yeah it tastes gross to me. Far far far too rich and fatty.



I eat it straight from jar with a runcible spoon.


Gargasoulas guilty on all charges including 6 charges of murder.

Took the jury only 57mins to deliberate. ■■■■ will never see another day outside a concrete box ever again.


Reckon he’s going to be a persistent litigious pest from the inside.


With our judicial system, I wouldn’t be so sure


I can’t see given the plea of Not Guilty, the complete lack of remorse, the planned and premeditated nature of the crime, that any judge would hand down life with the possibility of parole. He’s going inside forever.




He was ruled sane when he was committed to stand trial, was he not?


Yes he was examined by multiple people I think.


It always seemed that he was playing the insanity game, and he had his share of lawyers backing him up.

Lock him up…forever.