Bourke Street Part Deux


Not all heroes wear capes.

Or home-d ankle bracelets.


I’d just like to point out that I was hating on Trolley Man in this thread way before it was cool


I read all your posts in this thread and remain sceptical of your claim.
Happy to be corrected.




pdf explaining how to do it.


Well, the proof is written down. I can’t deny it. I thought I hated trolley man but it turns out I want to have his trolley babies


Shock horror, people are complicated beings


SMJ and trolley man, sittin in a tree.


oooohhh loversssss


Wouldn’t we be sitting in a trolley? With a ‘Just Married’ sign on the back?

We wouldn’t even need to go and get some cans to trail behind because he already has those presumably


I’m now picturing you arriving at the commitment ceremony sitting in one.

Then being hurtled in the general direction of the celebrant.


men can marry each other now? next they’ll want to marry shopping trolleys! it’s political correctness gone mad.


cue Judy Garland and The Trolley Song


Apparently. even more so now we know because he has outstanding charges and is wanted by the Police. Doing what he did he blew his cover. I still think he was a brave man and in lending a hand he put others before himself.


I think SMJ and trolly man getting married should be a poll.


I don’t want to infer anything by this, but just noting who started the Gay Marriage Thread.


If I have to marry Trolley Man he’s gonna have to sign the mother of all pre-nups


You will too.

He ain’t leaving the possibility open that you’ll gain custody of the trolley.


To protect his 120k he just got.


Do you know a lawyer?