Bourke Street Part Deux


Not any good ones


Are there any anyway?


Do you want to to have a philosophical discussion about the merits of the legal profession? Or do stupid jokes about me and Trolley Man?

(or talk about terrorism, but that sh/t is booooring)


This throw away gag really did take off, didn’t it?


How about a philosophical discussion about the merits of our justice system?


For they are trolley good fellows…


Why have we stopped making jokes about SMJ and trolley man?


He rammed his trolley right into my heart


when he goes to jail, will you take trolley in to visit? i’m not sure that’s a great place for a dependent to be.


and took the $2 coin out


Just like a trolley wheel, this thread has gone a bit wobbly.


It’s gone off its trolley


Bring back Ollie’s Trollys.


I was sacked from there!
Good times.


For doing what?


Being really, really bad at cooking fried chicken.
Also, there was an incident where I took a row of whole bbq chickens out of a rotisserie.
There were special tools to pick up the metal rod that had little hooks that stopped it rolling back on your hands, but somehow I picked the rod up on the wrong side of the hook…and it rolled back on my hands.

Edit: It occurs to me now that I’ve finished that you might have been looking for something a little more salacious.
Sorry. Just really bad at the job.


I knew a pill head who tried to rob it.
An extremely comical event.


Every time this thread tops the charts, which is frequently for some reason, I see “Bourke St pas de Deux”. If you know what that sometimes refers to it gives the climax of the event itself a a bit of a strange spin. Think savage ballet.

You’re all welcome.


Lol. So I’m not the only one who sees that then?


Congratulations on the twins!