Boxing Thread




Well, there aren’t many Mundine supporters, so, I suppose your analogy is fair. But, I’m not too keen on being compared to a North Melbourne supporter. So, you know, you can GFYS for making that comparison :slight_smile:

That being said, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.




Onya, ‘Stained.


Sent one.

EDIT: Never mind.




Hope he gets the crap smacked out of him. He really needs it.


C’mon Fury!


Great first round, Fury on top and some mind games, but Wilder dangerous.


As expected, Fury outboxing but jeepers Wilder has a deadly combo. He needs just one.


Wilder will become more wild and crazy as it goes, the middle rounds will decide this.


Wilder opening right up, some big brawling shots coming up now. Wonder if Fury’s body after his long layoff can keep this up.


My strream went out, anyone got any others?



Fury has won most rounds so far, Wilder will get desprete soon and that’s when he knocks boys out!


Come on, Fury.


Oh, no!


Fury down but back up. Wilder is gonna swing for the fcking fences, can Fury hold on?


Hope so. Was way ahead on points before that knockdown. Some fair taunting going on. Loving it.


Great fight so far, has lived up to the build.


Luvin it