Boxing Thread


I typed into google and found a stream that took me 40 seconds.


Eat a bag of them Mundine.


It’s definitely your game then


In fairness to both Mundine and Horn, this bout was about money. Horn couldn’t find another opponent that would earn him this sort of purse and same with Mundine. They needed each other at this stage of their respective careers.

The thing that should be front of mind with professional boxing is making money is the #1 objective. It’s also the #2 objective. The best match up only happens if that contest will make the most money.

F Mayweather fought M Pacquiao five years later than the audience would have preferred but the combatants mad three times more money.

It’s not like the 70’s and 80’s anymore where the champ regularly takes on the #1 challenger.

M Hagler took on and beat the #1 challenger for 8+ years but earned less money than Ray Leonard. He has said it was a mistake in hindsight.

Mundine may be lots of things but rich is near the top of the list.

So he may have lost the bout pretty easily but winning wasn’t necessary the point.


I think it’s fair to say, that fight was definitely about the money.


That’s right so those who paid for a seat or paid for the stream can feel disappointed that the fight was so brief but shouldn’t feel ripped off because pro boxing is about the pay day.

And if reflecting without sentiment, Horn had Mundine covered in every area and we all knew it too but still couldn’t look away.


I think most of knew what the result was going to be but some of us would have liked to see Horn pound him for a few rounds first before finishing him off


So is that the end of Mundine’s boxing career?


I’m definitely in favour of both getting as much money as possible, they’re getting hit in the head and putting their bodies at risk post career with some having few options post career. I think a lot of fighters are slowly learning the art of self promotion. Trash talk and building hype is an art-form. Like it or hate it it draws attention and money. People want to see you knock them out or get knocked out, the worst thing is having no one care. This is about entertainment, and if fans are entertained they’ll part with their hard earned. It’s a win-win.

I did think it was ridiculous that the main event had a 5 hour pre card and started past 11.30pm.


Yup, just like Farnham that’s definitely his last one.


Some do it better than others. T Fury for example. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a title shot but he talked his way into it against Wilder. Even if he loses, he’ll fight A Joshua soon for the same reason. Wilder on the other hand is the most invisible 40-0 Heavyweight Champion arguably in history.

C McGreggor may never regain the status he once held but who cares? He made so much money in a fight that he couldn’t win against F Mayweather because we bought into the narrative.

Anyone who has been in a ring or octagon and know how it feels to be in a real fight has my admiration and respect and deserves every cent thay can get out of it.


It’s sport entertainment. You’re spot on. That’s why Horn agreed to challenge Mundine. Mundine is Mr Entertainment. Horn is boring as bat-■■■■ and 80% of the audience last night was there to see Mundine lose. Being hated has made Mundine and his opponents rich. I hope Hope sends him a Christmas card.


I don’t think most people understand the boxing game, particularly how Mundine played it. Off camera he’s a very kind, caring and generous man. On camera he’s strategically playing the “arrogant heel.” And he’s so good at it, most people think his media performances reflect who he really is. (Yes, he’s got some beliefs that I don’t agree with, and he’s said some very stupid things, but, I think he’s a good person and a great athlete.)

Anyway, boxing is brutal. Every professional falls eventually. But, I’m sad to see Mundine go out like that. I hope in a decade or two people are able to revise their opinions of Mundine, even if it’s only to give proper recognition for his remarkable athletic achievements. To perform at a high level across two sports puts him in very rare company. Anyway, I’m biased. I love the man, and I wish him all the best in retirement!


Ortiz just stopped Kauffman. Dropped him several times. Kauffman did well to box on, but fair stoppage in the end.


Ortiz’s only loss was against Wilder. And Ortiz isn’t bad.


Wow… this post is like meeting a North Melbourne supporter. At least I imagine it’s what it would be like.


Fight time…


Ortiz had Wilder on the ropes in R6, 30 seconds more in that round and he won have won that fight.


Anyone need a stream, hit me up and I’ll give you one.


Need a stream.