Brad Scott probems to sort out (Part 1)

it’s cos they need to feel superior and a better supporter thinking that if and when we do win another flag, that the club will personally come and thank them for never doubting anything.
you’ll generally find the same supporters are religious, the two tie in together alot, well on blitz.
question nothing and just accept the status quo.

TBF it seems to be the new age coaching style, you know never get to high or low, just be an emotionless robot and turn up and compete at a high level.

I’ve never understood it personally. it’s an emotional sport, general speaking to show you care about anything you have to invest some form of emotional currency to show it has value.

not surprising the few who still do it get results.


theres been a guy doing songs every week all year.

Yep, probably same guy.
This one is decent.

That is such bullshit from him.

Imagine fronting up against the same opponent at this level (often twice a year) and not realising they had it over you!?

If the coaches never mentioned it (this wouldn’t surprise me) but like it never crossed his mind, “Hmm… it’s been a while since we last beat these guys” … OK Dyson.



He didn’t say what you are putting in there, he just said he didn’t realise it had been that long since we last beat them.

I doubt most people in here knew it had been since 2014, most just knew it was a long while until people started posting it.

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There we were after Round 9, needing to win against Richmond, Brads new game plan well drilled and accepted by the players, but having had 4 losses against top sides, most showing we had the right stuff but not for long enough. So what does Brad do, add a new layer to the game plan. A massively uncontested precision short passing gameplan.
Seemingly at odds with the “keep playing the way we want to play” Brad introduced a new style and said boys, this is the way we will beat the Tiges, this is the way we want to play this week. Plan B. We had conserved energy, to be able to play 4 quarters right to the end.
Absolutely brilliant coaching.


Wait till he finds out when the last time we won a final was


Well done finding another thing to bash Hep over


My favourite is the poetry from that guy who calls himself Lurker😂 fantastic stuff


Don’t worry the media are always there to remind him/us…

I stopped drinking at quarter time. Even with the lead I wasn’t confident.

Such a great song they have

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He can’t be that daft surely.

He was the captain…

How can a captain not use information like that to get a team up and about prematch?

The scope of a footballers job isn’t that large or complex…

He’s a happy-go-lucky guy, and nothing wrong with that mind you, but not suitable as captain. Good call end of year.


I recall when Hepp became captain, they had all told him to be “authentic” that’s who he is, a “she’ll be right mate” type of guy. ( there is nothing wrong with that ) You know, great concern for his players, pats them all on the back as they run onto the field, then again when they walk off after a loss.
But its not a way to harness the pain of defeat and strive to get better, a leader has to spur the players on, to not accept it and effectively say “nice try guys, oh well lets have a drink” maybe in the burbs, but not in the AFL.

I hope Zerret is authentic, hopefully with the sensitivity to know when a player reacts badly to letting the team down in a clutch moment and needs support. ( Like Hurls when Marty Gleeson was thrown to the ground against Sydney with 30 seconds to go. ) But Zerret is a showing himself to be a great captain, courageous, strong, skilled, determined. I think he is more the inspirational captain; the type that can lead men into war.


Yep empathy is a non negotiable, I would add emotional intelligence also. Agreed re Merrett (seemingly) driving standards on and off the field.

You’re an arrogant arse dkp.


6835 days and counting

Has been for years, but that doesn’t stop him from being wrong about a lot of things.

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