Brad Scott probems to sort out (Part 1)

hopefully scott does some digging and sees how poor the record of almost 20 years is against teams like geelong, collingwood, used to be hawthorn too, that’s starting to even out, and i think one other team.
it’s like 5 odd wins and high teens for losses.

You forgot really ■■■■■■■ stupid too. Look up his concise commentary about Scott’s role in the impending loss against Richmond that never happened and the logic wouldn’t even make it out the ar$whole of the last amoeba of the primordial swamp.

Staggeringly dull.

But a big Cliff Richard fan. So, every cloud…



A Troll calling someone a Troll.

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V.good summary. The rest of the season provides a good scenario to gauge where we’re at relative to the other sides. I said it somewhere earlier It’ll be a good test for B_Scott and coaches and players to see if they play to “form” and beat the bottom 8 sides and be competitive against the top 8 sides (winning a game here and there).

Good test of our physical and mental states.

I hated FC long before the '99 Prelim. And I’ll continue to hate them until my final breath.

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I prefer nice Bacchus. Where did that one go? This one stinks.

They’ve got us over a barrel with that one. It hurts a they know it, but as we might of nicked the 93 flag it evens out.

That said sheedy was pretty incredible through the 90s. Every three years from 90 - 99 he had us contending at the pointy end.

Bit more luck and it could have been 4 or 5 flags in that period but retrospective history lessons are speculative at best; had we not won 93, could we have won 2 or 3 on the trot thereafter? Same in 96, plugger sprays it who knows, but he did recognise the need for change after that year.

Had we had Marty McFly in charge who knows.

Speaking of Great Scott’s, ours learnt from one of the greatest motivators of all time, and I recon that was his strength at north. He got the best out of his group. But Voss also came from the same school of thought, so who knows. Maybe Carlton’s farked him.

Fark Carlton.


You can’t always get what you want

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Looking at the team stats from Saturday. All pretty even except the one percenters. That’s a big tick for BDB willing the team on.


Interesting that we still had 8 interchanges left and Richmond had 12 - is that usual? or just teams spooked after the NM infringement LOL

Bacchus been on edge when the idea of Essendon binning pokies was a possibility.

I think it’s more a factor that we had two short quarters thrown in there.
Second and third quarters were about 27-ish minutes. Which is around 3 minutes less than norm.

What is wrong with Brad, nine afternoon news reporting he did not make flight to perth, and has been battling illness all week. If Brad does in fact miss out coaching and does not go to perth- who would stand in?


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do we still get a dead cat bounce?


Got to be pleased with how BScott is getting the side playing solid footy. Each week we look to be playing our expected game style.


This team is starting to look a bit trustworthy. Which is nice. Been a while since that has been the case.


zach merrett

“brad doesn’t really have a gameplan”

can’t fail to execute what you don’t have


BScott has them playing a game style they can execute.

Makes a massive difference.



Tonight was a good, mature win that we could very well have dropped in previous years. We were able to change gears when they were challenging us around the contest which is what good sides can do.