Brad Scott probems to sort out (Part 1)



It’s the change up in game that pleases me. Early on, seemed to favour going long to Weed and it wasn’t really working. After half time, switched to short kicking, heavy possession and we extended the lead.

Nice change versus the persistance with failure.


I’m feeling optimistic for the first time in 10 years. Thanks Brad.




He just seems so level headed and never willing to get ahead of himself or let the players. He is the exact coach we needed and I can see him being with us for a decade. Thank goodness we didn’t get Clarkson or Hird. Phew!


We are playing a slightly modified game style now to what we were a month ago.
There is much less kicking to a pack 30m from goal than earlier in the year. This is more due to player availability than anything else.
We’re developing plan B.
Once 2MP comes back, we’ll switch between plan A and plan B.

I like that we focus on defence first footy. Even against poor sides. It keeps the opposition in the game for longer, but it means we can continue perfecting it and get into habits so that it holds up against the better teams.

I’m sure we’ll have that disappointing loss sometime soon. But to go 6-5 to this point is definitely a positive. Hopefully, we’ll finish off the season as well (if not better) as we’ve started.


I’m enjoying hearing both BDB and Merrett talking openly about stuff like our record against bottom of the ladder teams, or the streak of Richmond losses, and making sure the players know the games mean more than just 4 points


Or Lyon even.

There’s a lot to play out but I am confident this is one coaching appointment we have absolutely nailed.

People will mention (and fair enough) the first season ‘honeymoon’ of Worsfold and Rutten and then the eventual fall as a reason to be sceptical… but this feels a lot different. More sustainable.


Perhaps the job Heppell was there to do then was, to keep the troops from leaving, calm the waters and be everyone’s friend and confidant.

Just as Woosha was bought in for much the same reason. It was not about winning games of footy, it was about holding the club together so it wouldn’t crash and burn.

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I reckon this is where our improvement comes in the next few years. BDB is coaching them to be adaptable week to week, but when we have a bonefide game plan as a base (built around the cab abilities we have got) with only minor tweaks week to week, I reckon we go to another level.

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I think being a captain or a leader is a role that requires many hats. One of those hats is showing empathy, as you rightly point out. The primary role should be first and foremost winning games of football and inspiring those around them to achieve this. Clearly being their ‘mate’ and ‘confidant’ didn’t work for Heppell.

One thing that looks to have improved is our foot skills. We aren’t alone in the ability to short pass and find open players near the boundary, other teams are also capable, and it seems that with every pass that finds its mark, a little confidence grows. A few players like Zach and Martin are capable of and prepared to take a riskier kick and more players will follow them as the practice becomes more ingrained.

We looked a lot better when we slowed our ball movement down and moved the ball methodically forward than rush it forward to a player in Weideman who is poor in contests.


It’s an interesting comment.
He of course, does have a game plan’. However, it isn’t the kind of game plan that Merrett is accustomed to. Possibly because it is not complicated and/or micro-managed.


How’s Laverde on Redman … “get back here, mate - defense…”


It’s pretty amazing what happens when you allow players to play where they perform best and where they want to be. And not over complicating things.

Collingwood, right now, are the best example of this but we are getting there.


Indeed. Looking at the games we’ve won and lost compared to the form line of the sides we played, reckon we haven’t lost a game we expected to win.


Some of Brad’s comments in the presser don’t make Rutten (or the squad under his leadership) come off very well.

‘the bombers came over here last year over similar circumstances… by the players own admission thought it was going to happen’

‘you get what we deserve over time’

‘if we think it’s going to happen we’ll get embarrassed’

‘…we had a tangible example of what happened here (last year) under similar circumstances’

An absolute indictment that a guy like that was in charge.


That wasn’t a new phenomenon under Rutten. Been happening for years right back to when we lost to a winless Melbourne in about round 11.

I’m just pleased they are acknowledging it, owning it and doing something to rectify it.