Break the swear filter - Review thread v Woofers

World’s most predictable loss. Those who know me know that I don’t often get angry after losses. But faaaarrrk me i am furious over this one, even though I saw it coming a mile off.

Well done Fanta, Heppell, maybe McGrath. That’s about it.

Never to play for Essendon again: Brown, Myers.

And please, do not tell me this is a Worsfold issue. He might possibly be no good but we’ve been garbage since about 2002 and it’s time to have an actual hard discussion as to why, that doesn’t just involve replacing the coach and hoping that somehow things will magically be ok.

Why on earth do we frequently take competent, accomplished, polished under 18 footballers and turn them into panicky sideways handball merchants who can’t hit a target by foot anymore?

Why on earth do we keep players like Myers, Dyson, Dempsey, etc etc etc for 6 years past their obvious use by date?

Why on earth can we never apply consistent pressure to opponents for even two weeks in a row, or hell, even for four (or two?) quarters in a row?

Go nuts people


Thorough embarrassment to the AFL.

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Don’t even know what to say. I suspect I should just go and do something else.


So who’s going to come in here and play the role of telling all and sundry that they are pessimitic? The usual suspects?

Let’s deal in realism. We are a spineless, leaderless team who has been in a malaise as a club for that long we don’t know how to get out of it.

We have a right to be utterly filthy as a supporter base at present.


2009 made finals, lost, finished 14th in 2010
2011 made finals, lost, finished 11th in 2012
2014 made finals, lost, finished 15th in 2015
2017 made finals, lost, …?


Yeah. I’m going to.

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Two things:

  1. 100 more uncontested pozzies than us. Meant we didn’t man up well enough or work hard enough to provide a contest.

  2. Our atrocious kicking and general ball use. Skills non-existent. Constantly turned it over.


Dumb poorly skilled peahearts

Just gave the ball back to the opposition time and time again.


Disgraceful performance.

No one prepared to run or tackle. Skills appalling.

This club is a joke. ■■■■ coaching panel and leadership group. Can’t even send out membership cards on time.


I don’t like this Essendon brand of football.


The players change, the results don’t.

Starting to think that there’s a culture problem… content to be what they are, don’t want to work hard to be anything more. The supporters put up with the drug ■■■■ and still bought memberships, so who cares if we dog it on the field for another 10 years.


Poor effort.

Dogs wanted it more.

Poor coaching

Our midfield thrashed. Zaka only one stood out. Even devon smith stuffed a few things up today.

They couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. All those people, all that money, still so stupid.


I used that word on Friday. Was crucified.

Played 15 minutes of good football in three games. And that was against an opponent who was computely out of legs due to being 4 weeks behind in training loads.


Let’s make positional changes with 10 minutes to go In the last when the game is gone.



Repeating from the other thread:

We didn’t deserve to be anywhere near it in the end.

I’ll be completely unsurprised when we beat Port at home next weekend.

There’s just something totally wrong with the core attitude at the club.
Attitude (inclusive of mental application as shown by the constant losing as favourites) - Kicking, as demonstrated by record numbers of uncontested intercept marks from our kicks.
Team defence - Fremantle and the Dogs who have looked awful going forward scoring over 100 points against us.


Another year of mediocrity. We get stuck into FC for ruining players (i.e. Weitering) but we are just as bad. Embarrassing.


What also hurt was the complete lack of effort.


I do blame woosha. First and foremost… the buck stops with the players BUT they are playing without a system and without a plan. They look confused, they don’t work together and they are underprepared.

Hooker sent back, again, when the game was over and just that ONE change nearly got us back in the game… JD with the biggest brain fade ever so we will never know (not that we deserved the win tbh) but Hooker clunking them left and right and we looked a different team with fast rebound off half back because we MARKED the ball on the D50!!

Also three talls up forward DOES NOT work in modern footy. You are just far too slow once it hits the ground AND the just get in each others way far too often. Hooker absolutely wasted as a forward… again does 1/5th of SFA all game until he is sent back. End the madness now.

We are soft and out of form. Still too slow in the middle and Myers is a dud. Absolutely chest thumping dud. Should never, ever, ever, ever play AFL again.

This team has deep issues and it starts at the top. Pay out the contract (why ffs, why??) and move on to a coaching team with a clue.