Brent Stanton, I applaud you

Painful though it is to listen to the inane, repetitive questions asked at interview by the media, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Brent and the manner he handles this situation. If you get the chance, view the media interview just uploaded on the EFC website.

Thanks for staying strong Brent. We are all with you.

He also told the ALFPA to go ■■■■ themselves at some stage during the beginning of the saga didn’t he? Or nah?


Is there a Stanton thread?

Either way he has been on of our most consistent year. Love him

This thread has started so nice, but I predict bad things for its future.


Was magnificent in his interview.

Speaks very well.

much maligned… …

oh i forgot


10 minute interview handled himself very well

10 minute interview handled himself very well

Yep for a guy whose nickname at the club when he first joined was Humphrey; he’s come a long way.


What a star. Criminally underrated by the majority of supporters.

oh i forgot


The misconception about that incident is still funny.

Stanton was never really boo’ed. people cheered at him being subbed off. Otherwise it doesn’t work cos the instigator of the reaction was him being subbed out of the game. If he was boo’ed cos he was subbed wouldn’t that suggest anger at being subbed ?

It’s semantics to a degree I know, and it was still a stupid thing to do.

that was impressive.

shut those clown reporters down.



That was a great interview. No uhms ahs buts or anything. Spoke easily and said it how it is. We have some great media performers at the club in Hirdy and Stants. Pity we didn’t make better use of them over the past two years.


Who’s urns?

Did a great job standing up for the former number 5.

■■■■ happens - we will deal with it as we have for the past 3 years.

Why don’t you flogs find something else to talk about?

Good onya Stant. That is one hell of a good performance in front of those media vultures; no BS, no corporate spin, straight kick inside 50. I hope the boys will give those tin rattlers an almighty hiding this Friday.