Brisbane 2032

Pauline Hanson and One Nation today have come out and said Brisbane 2032 should be scrapped joining the local Greens who say the same

Brisbane 2032 “Bringing the far-right & far-left together”

Yes, but the catch is they have to be held entirely in Frankston.
IOC: “Fark this, Olympics are closed, not worth it”

I remember being surprised that Brisbanes population is only just less than Chicagos.

It’s always felt small.

The City of Chicago is similar to the entire Brisbane population however the entire Chicago metro area is 10 million


Seems I was being lied to, perhaps more like San Antonio.

Still technically correct I guess

Brisbane metro population 2.28 million would sit in 30th spot in the US

Even Atlanta which Brisbane is being compared to is nearly triple the size


How could they not support the games being held in Frankston? Would be epic :rofl:

Mt take on the Commonwealth games debacle in melbourne and the issues confronting the upcoming Olympic games in Brisbane is that the Government’s have gone too BIG in their preparations for these games. which seems to have been opposed by the Comm Games and Olympic Games organisations. The Melbourne Comm Games could have been done in Melbourne with mainly minor facilities upgrades, instead of spreading through regional Victoria necessitating the building of new facilities

Just like the No vote and COVID vaccines

Going well

QLD Government polling of 1200 Queenslanders has shown only 38% support for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics