Brodie Grundy

Apparently his management has put contract talks on hold. We need a quality ruckman. it would also crush pies supporters. anyone interested?

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Yes but I’d rather like to keep Zac Merrett, thanks


what about Jackson?


Thought Collingwood have a do not trade policy with us.

In the mix for AA spot currently. Would cost the Earth in $ and picks and won’t address our glaring deficiencies. Mids, mids and more mids required

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He’s one guy I wouldn’t mind paying slightly overs for if we could get him.
He will be around long enough that losing a couple of picks in a draft(s) wouldn’t hurt us too much

He is Joey Danihers age pretty much… 23ish

Very good hitout numbers. Reasonable disposal numbers. Marks are good some weeks and not others. Frees for and against are about evens. And makes a reasonable number of tackles. Doesn’t hit the scoreboard much at all.

I’d say it is a position we definitely could use some help with.

Both Leuenberger and TBC are contracted to 2018 though, so we may chase our next ruckman harder in 2018?

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Most clubs have their number1 rucks sorted.

But if he was to leave I’d see a few likely who could chase/could afford him IMO

Blues - Kreuzer would be on not much since he failed medical trying to be traded previously. They’d make Grundy #1 ruck and play Kreuzer as fwd/ruck.

Fremantle - They don’t really have a genuine star in waiting for post Sandilands (who would prob be moved on despite him saying maybe one more year).

Ess - If we are serious about bringing a core group of 20-24yr olds through he fits that. He is the prototype ruck who involves himself around ground like a midfielder/assists with clearances … both Leuey & Belly would be on their last legs by time we pushing up in 3-4yrs.

The midfield which includes the ruck is our main area to address. If it was me I’d trade either Belly or Leuey to Pies with a pick/other player.

We are the only one of those 3 that could send back a number 1 ruck worthy player to replace Grundy. Albeit not at his quality/age however but that’s their problem not ours.

Pies fans would be bleeding if he ended up at Blues or Dons and all due to fact he allegedly not happy under Bucks. Ruining a premiership side and a rebuild since '11. Ha!

He would cost a fortune. Need to strengthen our midfield area before spending that sort of money or picks on a ruckman IMO.


Most player agents (especially ones managing valuable players) won’t be signing contracts until the players union and afl agree on player payments.

If a player hasn’t signed 1 month after it’s agreed, then it is a sign they are looking at leaving.

As far as Grundy goes…
It’ll be a waste because our midfield is ■■■■■. I’d prefer us use two drafts to go hard at pure midfielders (not utilities or half back flanks). Once we have the depth, then start trading away picks for other positions.

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I don’t really rate him that much. I mean, he’s good, and certainly better than any ruckman we have, but I don’t reckon he is ‘Throw money at him’ good.

Smart and mobile ruckman, but doesn’t really kick goals, not a particularly good contested mark. To me, he’s a slightly better ruckman than Ryder but without any of the tricks.

If you throw cash at a ruckman, then throw lots of cash at the best ruckman, or modest cash at some team’s second-stringer.


Some people will have their anti-Collingwood blinkers on but reality is he is only 23yrs old and been in All Australian ruck discussions.


Most rucks are in their prime in their late 20’s so his development still has plenty to go.

I can’t see him leaving/pies letting him go but if so we’d be stupid not to seriously looki at him IMO, especially when getting back a capable ruck will be more important to Pies than picks. They wouldn’t have gone after Wells etc if weren’t trying to challenge in the next few years.


Whose All Australian ruck discussions?

Jacobs, Sandilands, Martin, even Mumford…

Jacobs (29yrs) on left. Top of ladder team.

Grundy (23yrs) on right. Struggling team.



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I’m honestly unsure which of those stats was meant to prove your point.


That list is missing one key stat. Hitouts to Advantage. I seriously cannot remember the last time we had a ruckman tap the ball to one of our players and they broke away. Other teams do this against us all the time and it is so frustrating.

FWIW I rate Grundy as he is young and pretty good already and ruckman tend to improve as they get older.

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Statistically he is on par with the current most highly rated ruck in the league. I’d expect similar to Martin also and would be ahead of Sandilands/Mumford. So with he in top 3 rucks in league at present, Gawn obviously injured.

*edit. Just checked. Martin ahead averaging 20 possessions (+3) and 40 hitouts (+4) a game.

If they picked AA by stats, Martin would romp it in.

Anyway, I don’t think he’s AA atm, and while I think he’s good, and with plenty of footy left, he’d cost too much in both cash and trade currency for us atm.

In possessions they may be on par or hit outs but the two most important ones he’s considerably behind on.

Jacobs, Marks I50 and I50 are substantially higher which indicates he’s getting involved in the play, and his rebound 50’s are double which indicates he’s getting back to help out his defenders.

Having said that Grundy is clearly talented and has a lot more improvement.

I personally though would prefer to continue as others have said on building the midfield.