Brownlow votes

C Hooker, 3 votes. Marry that girl!

She is definitely a fine specimen.

3 votes: ONYA DOIS








Isn't that what they call milk bars in nz?

l tried to start a Brownlow thread about the same time as this one started, but the signal here is weak, and wouldn't send it. Come on Blitzers, left your games, Heppell is a great chance to win the Charlie. Where are the red carpet shots? Missing in action. 

Hard to say but I miss vlad reading the votes at brownlow.

Good start 2 votes heppell.

Ess v North:

3. Watson 2. Hep 1. Chapman

Round 1:




Hard to say but I miss vlad reading the votes at brownlow.

Ross Oakley was better.

Great start. 0 votes at half way my hat. 4 for the whole count - Lol

We should be hoping for 7 or 8 by rd 10 and he is in with a shot unless ablett absolutely destroys it before his injury (he might)

How many votes will win it??? I would guess maybe 25


What’s with the atmosphere? There’s hardly any noise.

I didn’t realise that- the saints won the first two games but still won the spoon- amazing.

Rd 3:

  1. Goddard 2. Jerrett 3. Chapman

Hepp needs votes v Freo. Was good in that game.

Do we have a coach at our table?

Non-Heppell players making this all about themselves.