Bruce McAvaney hangs up the mic

Bruce McAvaney has pulled the pin on his footy broadcasting career.

Channel7 have decided to replace him with James Brayshaw.

I won’t be sad to see the end of Bruce but surely they could do better than Brayshaw.

Already being discussed in general media thread

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Isn’t Brayshaw already a commentator, is this like Brayshaw is now number 1 or some stupid AFL pedigree thing

Bruce seems like a genuinely nice guy and his passion for footy is something you have to admire.

His style of commentary wasn’t for me… but you could feel his excitement.


Up to the Mods to decide but I think Bruce is a big enough story for a thread of his own


Thanks for it all Bruce.


Personally I think Anthony Hudson is easily the best… nobody else comes close.


Hope his health is ok but stoked to see the end of him tbh.

He has been embarrassing for the past 5-6 years, and by that I mean embarrassed to watch footy with noise around family, embarrassing.


Bruce was great in the 90s but then when he came back when 7 got back the rights i found his commentary a bit cringe. That being said a great bloke and great knowledge so i respect all he’s done. I actually didn’t like brayshaw initially but think he is pretty good now.


I liked his professionalism and accuracy. He infused his love of sport into his commentary. I wish him all the best.


Watch this video, and the finish and the 15 seconds post finish. Then imagine Brayshaw or any of the others at that moment. At his best Bruce was the best. He knew what his job was, and what it wasn’t.


I once shared an elevator with Bruce. I said hi. He said hi back. It wasn’t awkward at all.


If he called it quits 5 or so years ago there wouldn’t be so many people happy about this news

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2 x J Stringer highlights in this when playing for the bulldogs, and one J Carlisle with Essendon, other than that not much Essendon, a lot of Hawthorn and Collingwood

Yowsers, even I would suggest you just give up and follow the VFLW instead. The commentary there is rubbish too but at least you can ignore it.

The verbal diarrhoea of Brian Taylor paired with the smug, blokey yelling of James Brayshaw.

Christ on a farking bike!

Just another reason why AwFuL becomes more and more unappealing with every passing year…


For me this is sad for two reasons.

Firstly - I suspect he’s now quite ill - seems like his cancer may have progressed but he’s keeping it quiet. Strange to retire around this time of year, rather than after the GF last year.

Secondly - because even though he’s progressed from average to terrible to embarrassing in the last 15 years or so, at his best he was the best sports caller this country has ever produced.

Go well Bruce


He was the aus open 20 years.

The replacement is going to be a big deal too.

They should take the chance to replace BT as well, and install Jason Bennett and Anthony Hudson or something.

Or you know, do what Channel 7 does and get Brayshaw and BT to try to outyell each other.

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shut your mouth.