Brussels under attack

Multiple bombs at the airport and metro train station near the EU building.
At least 11 dead.


Metro station

What’s left to say?

Nothing good. :frowning:

Above picture from 2nd metro station bombed.

Fk me. This is just not a great time for humanity.

Sadly there seems to be a lot of people seeking to hurt others in greater increase.

Reports 2 more Metro stations being bombed (total of 4)

No words.

Catch the terrorists, soak them in pig fat and use them as human torches.

Death toll reported 13 at Airport and 10 at Metro station.

Catch the terrorists, soak them in pig fat and use them as human torches.
Send them back to Syria?

Can’t think of anything more cowardly than a terrorist attack.

I don’t understand how high they have been with security there since paris, you’d think the Airport and main train station should be impenetrable

No way out.

Welcome to the 21st century, gentlemen. The world is going to be fighting this battle long after we’re all dead.

Humans have been up to this sort of thing for ages. Unfortunately now they have bigger weapons and the Internet.

Reports of up to 20 dead in the Metro stations, 13 at the Airport.

Not to make this thread even more depressing, but if one of these attacks happens on American soil between now and November then Trump will 100% win the election.

:frowning: I’m actually going overseas soon. Makes you really think, but what can you do?

EDIT: The Govt has actually changed the travel warning to “Reconsider you need to travel”, keep in mind places like Turkey are still at “high degree of caution”…