Happened in January yet the media only reporting on it now, obviously were too busy smashing us


Ha. Buddy can't handle his ■■■■.


‘Out of competition…’


'Out of competition...'



Must of been a big new years...Alledgedly


Sounds like he couldn't handle all those girls over 100 days...allegedly  


Who would have thought?

That $10M investment is looking good.


Buddy. Fantastic player, thorn in our side so often. Can win a game almost single handed. How long can he keep going ?

At 199cm, 110 kg, 32 years old, he enters his 15th season of AFL footy, with signs his body is starting to break down, so much so that they excuse him from training. Its not that so far his performances have deteriorated. In 2018 he kicked 57 goals !
However, when it mattered in 2018 in the elimination final Buddy kicked just 1 behind ( predictably) in a loss.

Accumulated wear and tear and injury will be the thing that takes him out of the game. I reckon that day might be closer than most people think.


Rename thread to ‘Buddygone’ at your peril.

But you’d think he’s on the slide.


That’s not a unique take. I think lots of people think that day is close. Perhaps closer than what YOU think.


Agreed. But don’t tell diggers. He’ll go even crazier


This was a Francis like bump.


Time for the Richo role?


Call me crazy, but if I could see buddy’s career again, I’d have loved to see him play as predominantly as a goal kicking midfielder. He is good enough.


You’re Crazy.


It will be interesting to see the trajectory of Sydney in the post Buddy era. Hopefully we will enter an epoch where Essendon beat Sydney a lot more often.


Are they going to put him on the rookie list for 5 years al la Tippet.


thats a very expensive rookie…


4 years to go…


Hmmm, I’d say he plays at least 2 more, so not bad.