Building your first home


Just to clarify, that’s 70 litres or 70 kg? And how many people are permanent residents?


Many thanks for all the responses. I do like cooking with a flame. The oven will be electric and that’s fine.


For ref - 1kg + ~2L


2 plus frequent family visitors. When you live at the beach you are a very popular rellie.


Family of 3 here, varies between 2 & 3 months. Oven is electric, so sounds like a similar set up, so LPG only used for cooktop.

Always have 2 cylinders set up to make an easy switch, as guaranteed to run out at night time halfway through cooking something. The whole ‘lets swap the BBQ tank over in the dark’ is a pain in the ars# - just have the spare waiting there for a quick switcharoo.


Do you ever eat poached eggs?

Almost impossible on electric, whether induction or standard.


My advise would be stay away from the major builders as well. They subcontract all their work and you don’t get a stable house long term.


Im on LPG for my cooktop. My current 45kg bottle has been going for about 2 years now. I think the replacement cost was just over $100 and the rental about $40pa.


Funny you should mention that. When it comes to eggs, I’m poached.

LPG it is​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I guess the next question is, are there any cooktops to avoid if I’m using LPG?


A friend built a house at Marysville and they found that there was no much choice for units in lpg and that they were about double the gas of natural gas.

They bought a Fisher & Paykell with 5 burners, rather flash looking unit and it cost nearly $2000.

They do report that seems very economical and efficient with gas usage.


Get a Kamado BBQ and cook outside, you won’t regret it


There’s a nice looking Fisher Paykel 4 burner LPG unit on Appliances Online for $1259.


Is that an OK price ?


I’d like cheaper. Brands like Chef and Westinghouse $400-800. I will go to Good Guys, Harvey Norman, etc and see what’s available. Probably also Bunnings.


We went the other way at home with a BBQ on our back deck connected to natural gas. Annoyed me at the time that it was 30% more expensive than exactly the same in lpg.

Should have got my drill out and bored the gas jets bigger as needed.




After this discussion, I went looking for my new place out of interest.

It MUST have a GOOD Wok burner for mine, or it can fk right off. Found a nice Miele job, but it seems out of your price range at $2 k plus.


You get what you pay for stove tops. Cheap out on a gas one and you’ll know about it in 1-3 years.


We got a westinghouse for about 700.
Aus made.

■■■■ knows how anyone can justify 2k, for what is essentially a stamped bit of stainless with 5 taps on it.