Bullshit Your Kids Believed

At about 50 sec is the one I fondly remember. The Chicken And Seafood King!

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There is some truth to this, warm/hot water will soften the bristles of your tooth brush, thus not cleaning your teeth as well. Which will increase plaque and dissolve your teeth quicker!

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Are you double stooging me here😉

A few years ago I took my son to the University I teach at, for a Christmas party they held for English-language students to join. There here saw jugglers, dancers, and singers perform, and endless plates of cake and chips to eat.

The only other times I’ve taken him there have been for summer festivals where he can run through mazes, and eat fairy floss and hot dogs till he drops.

He’s convinced my work is party central every day, and I’ve gone along with it. “Daddy, did you have magicians at work today?” “Yes, and I got yummy cake too!” “Awwww, I wanna go!”


try this one