Bunnings go ape


Have announced today that onions must be put on the bread before the sausage. Apparently loose onion becomes a slip hazard so OH and S have stepped in to save us all.


I prefer that anyway


While they’re at it, can they confirm that all sausages MUST be served on the DIAGONAL?

Had some bloke try and stooge me the other week with some weird sausage in perpendicular cross sectional fashion.

The hell is wrong with some people?


And can we have those filthy unkept volunteers in radiation suits so as to not drop potential skin cells on said snag?


I believe the sausage is little more than a vehicle for the delivery of the onion.


I believe the onion is optional.


You know what, … if they added a good tasty cheese to the Onions, … they could bash the snag.

Mmmmm mmmm.


I cannot eat onion anymore due to a fructose intolerance. Used to love grilled onions, not such a fan of raw onion though apart from spanish red onion.


Geez so much press these days is just outrage bait.

This is solely written so people get riled up at the world gone mad!

Why do people fall for it.


Onion is rubbish


How do you even make this news.


■■■■ Bunnings.


just trying to get in on the whole #democracysausage movement


Don’t hijack an Australian institution for commercial gain and expect me to jump on your click bait hook.

My local supermarket has sausage sizzles every weekend for local causes and doesn’t ask anything in return or commercialise it for the benefit of their own “brand” that nobody has ever heard of.

■■■■ Bunnings.


I’m tipping more folk die from falling off ladders bought at Bunnings than slipping over onions from sausages bought at Bunnings.


Fkn onions.


Because a good % age of the population are Idiots.


:thinking: Sooo, … #Hypocrisysausage …?


Bunnings Dingus goes APe!! :hushed:


People have too much time on their hands if this has come up in meetings