Bunnings go ape


More about proving advancement through Art.

Studying Vandals Goths Visigoths, etc

(and JFTR the Vandals weren’t “Vandals” at all, … nor the Goths “Goths”)


Thank you for the mental picture of a marauding horde of goths.
That’s hilarious.


If you completely ignore everything happening outside Europe - rise of Christianity and Islam in the ME, civilisations like Aksum in africa, Song and Tang technology in China (ie compass, gunpowder, movable type printing, bulk manufacture of paper), the Mongol conquests & hence rise of east-west trade across central asia…
then sure, the dark ages were a thing.

Most historians reckon the “dark ages” means “not much being written in Greek or Latin”


A platoon of Robert Smiths…


And another free smile this morning.
I thank you.


My first thought when I read it was actually this:


Here’s one.
The Goths used to fight with another tribe around that area called the Alans. Which just makes me think of a moody teenager fighting with his dad.

The same word Alan has changed over the years to Aryan. So Hitler killed 15 million, because Alan was the master race.


That was great!
Even though I don’t really get four and half minute punk songs.


Indeed. I suspect they were an electro act who saw a niche in punk comedy.

Attention span seems a bit long.


They’ve got a song about our favourite nonagenarian, Noonan.


Utterly brilliant.


In the future, the ‘Dark Ages’ will be re-defined as the time before you eastern boobs worked out that a) a cooked sausage is best housed and delivered in a fresh bun and b) there are no restrictions on where to place your onions because you can’t really stuff it up in a bun.

See that light switch over there? Turn it on God’s sake.


Some Gunby will probably still slip on these too.



Nahh, … No onions.

Smiths wisely avoiding any chance of a Law suit.

They’re no fools at Smiths.


Duh, they’re under the sausage.