Bunnings go ape


Over the last few years l have developed a personal tradition. I have a serve of sausages on my gist night back in Oz.


My gist night’s are more exciting than that


My gist went away and I am looking for a new one.


And they have Kransky’s!


Each to their own, mate.
Each to their own…


You know it!!!

(Never seen anyone eating from there tho)


Now, that’s the farkn business. Had my fill on Sunday actually at the Polski Festiwal.
Bigos, Piergoi, get in ma belly


And which did you choose?


Rebel Sports, on the same business estate as Bunnings Warrnambool, has gone on the Rebel tour, offering onions on top of the bread.

But I had to go to Bunnings and wandering along one aisle, passed a toxic cloud let fly by some gent checking out supplies. I think i would have suggested that the rat poison was stored in the wrong aisle, but regrettably, gagging stops you talking.


Someone audibly farted at the Freddie Mercury movie last night. Reckon they were trying to time it but were caught out by an unexpectedly quiet moment. Made me laugh.


Was it during Fat Bottomed Girls? Maybe they were just singing along.


It was you, wasn’t it?


An old Geezer at Bayswater Woollies use to offer cheese Kransky’s for $1 extra over standard sausages. ■■■■■■ brilliant after a heavy night of drinking.


Nothing audible at Bunnings, just virulent. Possibly too much onion, but I didn’t hang around to distil the various components. The gagging and dry retching should have been a giveaway.


Worse than the fertilizer and sprays? Jeez whoever let it go needs to have their bowel check.


Put it this way…if I let fly with one that bad on Christmas Day, I’ll be high-fiving all in sight.


Would you say it was the full dead rat, or was it at half rat power?


The Dark Ages might disagree with you…


Good doco series out there called “Dark Ages,- The Age of Light” proves they were nowhere near as backward or Dark as they’ve been made out to be actually. :wink: Good series.

Ep 1… (Rest appear to be on Utube too…)


Without clicking it - is it the usual case of ‘who writes the history’?