Calling for a rebel group

Where is our group of high influencing business types that have had a gut full of watching our team under perform continuously over the best part of 20 years?

I have no confidence in Paul Brasher and Xavier Campbell leading us through the mess we are in and I am sure I’m not the only one.

We need some disturbance to the comfort of the “four walls” of Essendon.
I know there are many high paid contributors who give very generously to our club.
Surely at some point they must wonder why when nothing on field (our primary business) changes.

As disruptive as EGM’s are in our case it’s long overdue.

Look at Brashers comments after we beat an inexperienced Hawthorn team , He spoke like he was telling us fans he knew better and that no reviews were needed or would be done because Richmond and Melbourne went through similar periods.

It is head in the sand stuff sadly that our club builds its foundations on.

Yes I am venting but after performances like last night where clearly the players played with no heart or soul on the skippers 200th game the reality we are a barren football club really hurts.

I would love a board spill and wish there were the right people who would have the courage to attempt it.

Please move this to another topic if needed.


Can we start a petition for a review or spill?


Members can call for an EGM but you need to have potential board candidates or a new chair to elect to get change.

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Before I put my hand up, I need to know if I can say how many years I’ve been a member before each public speech and will there be shisha?


This needs a poll.

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Will you lead it @Bacchusfox ?

You only enter an election race that you can win. Bombers Board is rigged and unless you can get the necessary for a complete spill and then win all the elected spots you are buggered.

Once you had control, then what the fark would you do ? Sack CEO, Coaches, players ??

Bottom line is that is far too hard for any mere mortal like me.


You meed a ticket with a vision .
To win you need to sell that vision to your members.
Way too much for one person but with a unified group can be done.

id rather back ace’s ballot.



Our supporters with money are probably part of the problem though.


Nobody could spill the Board while Sheedy is on there.

There isn’t anyone more high profile than Sheedy.

Just remember to bring a manilla folder so you can fumble around with it as you try to quote the constitution


Queue the fox to defend coteries who enable such a ■■■■ board

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James ■■■■■■■ Hird. And that’s the sad part of this club

If they do find themselves under pressure, they’ll just tap another ex-player to run for election to keep the plebs at bay. This is the way.


Sheedy could force a spill and become president.

Not saying that would beat a good outcome but that’s would be one option.

Money bags - Sheedy - smart/angry good governance guy - coupe of henchmen as seat fillers who are good at smelling out ■■■■ and making good decisions in the interest of the group rather than themselves.

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Not in the slight bit interested. I don’t have the time, money or inclination. My abrasive style doesn’t sit well many regardless, it’s my way or the highway

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Do you think Hird would run for a Board spill while he is a coach at another club, and while Sheedy is on the current board???