Calombaris and other shonky employers

If so, did he pay you your full whack ?

“Calombaris grew up a Carlton supporter, so the fact he’s not too fussed about the laws regarding paying people is not a huge surprise.”

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No, but I know someone who did. All that complaining about penalty rates, when a scheme was devised to ensure they would not apply.
Casual staff were packed off a 5 pm , leaving the permanent staff on contracts not involving penalty rates to do all the work at the busiest times - and working longer hours as a result.
Last heard of, wages owed were acknowledged and in the process of being paid.

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Please shut this thread down. He is an oxygen thief and deserves to be ignored.



Hospitality is a horrific industry. A fair portion of those restaurant owners are pieces of ■■■■. Often, they don’t necessarily have the money to actually open and run a restaurant, so they try and take several shortcuts and staff are always the first ones to be ripped off. If you don’t have the money do not open a restaurant. You have to spend money to make it, not steal wages. Some serious thieving dishonest shambolic business owners around who think they’re bigger than Ben Hur, and that some poor ■■■■■■■ should grovel at their feet because he gets to work 120 hours a fortnight and get paid for 78. Calmobaris would just be one of many thieves in the industry. Also a lot of wankers who work in the industry in general.

And Masterchef can go royally fark itself. It glamorises kitchens and makes people think that they can go on a tv show, and become a “chef”. Legit chefs train for years, and start as plankton in the foodchain to get to where they are.


Yeah nothing beats getting home at past 11, being miserable and tired, finally eating tea and realising you have to do all the sh*t again for the lunch rush tommorow and then going to bed realising you don’t have something prepped and being paid ■■■■ all.

Having worked a bit there when I first started Uni I couldn’t agree more bg. Just a ■■■■ industry which basically involves working double the hours you actually get paid for. Not to mention split shifts, being dodgy on breaks and sh*t pay and a highly stressful workplace. Good luck having any weekends off any time soon, either.

Basically everyone I know that worked with me there has gone to different industrys after their apprenticeship, real estate, factory work, uni etc basically anything to get away from the utter sh*t that is the hospitality industry. Oh and the boss I worked for tried screwing our wages and cutting back shifts and then when he went backrupt, didn’t tell anyone in the last few weeks and then told them he couldn’t pay them. Also pretty sure no one got their super paid properly.


I’ve eaten at his restaurants, that’s about it

It’s not just hospitality either.

I know alot of people in the fruit and veg wholesale market in Epping. Two pretty big wholesalers went under and the first their employees heard of it was when they rocked up to work at 1am Monday morning and their stand and cool rooms were locked. So they obviously didnt get paid for the past week or two and I doubt any of them would have had their super or AL and LSL paid either.



When I become Prime Minister I shall employ you as my speech writer.


Would you like these speeches with or without expletives?

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Can I give the resignation speech?

She’s done.

You’re a Bombers supporter and therefore much too sensible to be Prime Minister.






If you steal from a company or the government, it can be jail time, sometimes legally barred from practising. But if you steal from employees…
Same goes for the construction industry when negligence leads to death or serious injury . When it’s profits contributing to the cause of theft of physical damage of employees, the profit takers should be criminally liable.


Underpaying staff seems to be the best business model for celebrity chefs.

Nope, the whole industry is run the same way, not just a few well paid celebrities.



‘I Gave up my career to pursue my dream’

■■■■ off sunshine. work in your job for a few more years then buy a restaurant, we’ve all seen your millionaire kitchens.


Labor needs to find themselves a new Bob Hawke, it’s a style over substance game.

A candidate that unapologetically swears would emphatically pass the “pub test” imo, especially when conservative hand-wringing kicks in.

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