Caption Comp - GIF Edition

Shaun: What now Hirdy, Im trying to play?
Hirdy: Shauny!!!

Ok Shaun, now listen hard…no in your right ear. Chase hard in defense, back your kicking and give me a goose step and you will be the new face of Dreamtime in 2016. Nah, don’t worry about Demps…

“I’ve got you pegged now. Third tall backman.”

Hirdy: " If you’re gonna kick running goals like that I wanna see more goosesteps, ok?"

Hirdy : You can kick all the goals to make you an excitement machine, but you’ll never have locks of hair like mine.

“Add a blind turn next time.”

edwards: yeah hirdy?
hird: ‘hardy’ now mate.

wonder what he did say, im a terrible lip reader

Hird: Do that again, and you’re off to Hawthorn. I SAID VANILLA.


"Its not you its the Shauny E-talking’’

“I’ve just been calling you Shauny but I heard the bloke in box next to me call you Shauny Edwardsy, which is it?”

“Sooo, bit of a kadaitcha man are you Shred?”

“You bet your vanilla ■■■■■ Hirdman, & I’m dancing for you brother, … you”

James got something in his eye at that point & had to leave the box for a minute.

shauney: hey hirdy, cough if Skippy is there with you
hird: cough
shauney: okay just listen. out of all the coaching staff you are my favourite.
hird: you dont have to suck up to me shaun. you have earned yourself another game

“…what the…Shaun… close your legs…I can see your ■■■■”

Hird - We;ve been screaming for a CHF of your size since Davey left.

Hirdy: Is Seymour there? Last name Butz.
Shaynee: Just a sec. Hey, is there a Butz here? Seymour Butz? Hey, everybody! I want a Seymour Butz!

Hirdy: You’re playing really exciting footy today. Here’s the red vest.

How exciting are you out of four?