Caracella - coming or staying for 2019?

RICHMOND’S premiership mastermind Blake Caracella remains out of contract and in hot demand for 2019.

Damien Hardwick’s midfield senior assistant is yet to come to terms with the Tigers after two seasons at Punt Road with a win-loss ratio of 31-11. understands Caracella is aware of outside interest from several clubs.

It comes ahead of a frantic week in assistant coaching circles, with clubs advised to notify out-of-contract assistants of their futures by August 1.

While Richmond wishes to extend Caracella’s stay at the club, there is set to be a number of openings across the competition.

St Kilda has left the bulk of its uncontracted assistants in limbo after meetings in the past fortnight, while Gold Coast has informed Matthew Primus and Andy Lovell they won’t be required in 2019.

Essendon, where Caracella won a flag in 2000, will have at least one spot available after senior assistant Mark Neeld was let go in May.

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Will probably stay at Richmond where hes got a good thing going. that or hell be head coach of the blues next year

Would slot nicely into Colyers position


Come home Caracella.

Fark Carlton.


A connected Richmond supporter friend has said for a few months now that Caracella is signed for EFC for next year (Dan Richardson connection). I’m unconvinced, but there it is…


Would be a spectacular addition if we could make this happen.

This thread is going to be aids.


Would be ecstatic if we got him on board. I think talent wise we aren’t too far off. Maybe some more midfielders but that’s about it. Where we can improve the most is game day intel and also tactics. Woosha isn’t, and probabaly never was, a tactical genius as a coach. What he is very good at is man management, motivating, getting players to buy into a common cause. He needs the tactical nous around him, and frankly I don’t see that in the current set of assistants we have. We need change, and getting Cara into the club would be a big get.

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so you’re saying we’ve got him?

Wait , I misread, you’re saying we’re not gonna get him?


He’s going to Brisbane?


What’s his strengths? I have no idea what he manages, is he a line coach or strategy?

He’s probably in a position where he can pick and choose a fair bit. This case being he will pick Carlton when choosing where he won’t coach.

He is a very good assistant coach. He could be a line or strategy coach and would be a very good acquisition.

Wouldn’t mind pinching Xavier Clarke too.

While we’re at it adding a tackling coach and a goal kicking coach would be nice. Wouldn’t even need to be full time; could easily split time between our 3 teams.


I think the Esports team would need plenty of goalkicking practice


Wow! Obviously hearsay, but could it be plausible?

Woosha’s family return to Perth.

Club appoints Dan Richardson.

Woosha’s contract is extended for an additional two years earlier in the year (and prematurely according to many Bomber fans). Is it possible that he only wanted a two-year deal and has already informed the Club of his intentions to move back to WA - to be with his family - at the end of 2020?

If yes, then Dan Richardson’s appointment (depending on when the Club knew Woosha’s intentions) is looking more and more like ‘Operation: Get Caracella’.

No way Caracella signs on with us as an assistant - given his resume - unless the senior coaching position has been dangled as a carrot. Come and fix up the midfield for two years under Woosha and then transition into the senior coach position of the Club you won a flag with. The romance of that would be fairly strong.

I choose to believe your Richmond supporter friend - even if it is delusional hope. :laughing:

Thx for sharing.


Not what I’ve heard

Where the f*ck is Finding Nino ?


Neeld position isn’t available, it was made redundant. That position doesn’t exist anymore (I hope)

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