Celebrity Deaths 2017


one of the worst cover versions of any song ever


My favourite Bond.


That's LALD. Also, the hick sheriff was in another Bond where he and his wife were on a gondola ride in Venice in another Bond.

That sheriff only died a few weeks ago.


All this nostalgia for old-school Bond makes me want Tarantino and George Miller to work together on the next Bond film.


Bond slicing up some goons with a samurai sword while Tupac blares in the background sounds a-ok to me


I was actually thinking Tarantino could do the dialogue, particularly the scene where Bond and the villain size each other up publicly (when they can't actually do anything) as he does those so very well.
And Miller to do the action scenes without any CGI.
I wouldn't be adverse to letting Tarantino do the villain's death, and if that were to be by lots of samurai swords then I could live with that.
Portishead to do the soundtrack.


So do you want Bond liberally peppering the villain's death speech with N-bombs or Biblical quotes?


Yes, I should have mentioned that and you're right to point it out.
And I don't want any foot fetish stuff either.


A guy ritchie bond film, i'd watch the ■■■■ out of it.


Gregg Allman. Dead.




Agree to Portishead doing the soundtrack. To basically anything.


Former friend of the CIA and cocaine users everywhere, General Manuel Noriega of Panama has left us aged 83.


John K Watts died today. Played in 3x premierships with The Royals and the 1963 flag with Geelong. He wrote the lyrics for the Cats' theme song as well as for The Royals and Swan Districts. Loved here in WA. Another link to a fantastic past has left us.


Found out last night the 'K' in John K Watts stood for "Know it all". His actual middle name is Albert.


Watts had discussions with Essendon and looked set to join the Bombers in 1963 but changed his mind to join good mate G Farmer at Geelong. Turned out to be a good decision. His words were sung after that game and have been sung on a victory ever since.


Yep Diggers, JK Watts was to WA football what Louie Richards was to Victoria.

Two great footballers and even better football media personalities gone within a month of each other on opposite ends of the country.

My dad worked in a number of Perth's better restaurants during the eighties and nineties and would often see Wattsie frequenting these establishments and would always say that he'd been in and how it made his night better as he was always making everyone laugh.

Those Kings Size Mens Wear ads will never be the same without him.



Peter Sallis (voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit) died 4 days ago at 96.


The hot con artist who stitched up Steve Martin's and Michael Caine's characters in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels has died.


That would be Glenne Headly.