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Spent 7 years as The Saint. If you saw the travesty with Val Kilmer as Simon Templar, wipe it from your memory. In no way resembled the Saint.

And was the English cousin, Beau, of Bret and Bart Maverick.


First TV show I got hooked on, was "The Persuaders" at about 6 or 7, and for some unknown reason, was allowed to sit up & watch it every week at that age, even though it took me to an hour past bedtime and was, for it's day, very "Adult".

Still have a very vivid memory of bawling my eyes out when after an episode, the announcer said, "And that was the final show .....", . I had no idea that it would ever end, .. even if it was just for that season.

Moore and Curtis were fantastic in it, .. well AFAICT at that age,.. & I'd like to watch the whole series again today and see if it holds up, if I could get my hands on it.


Jump onto Youtube...plenty of eps there


The Saint was the role that defined him, and he was best suited for. He was a terrible Bond, no menace at all. He was so weak they had to change the whole direction of the franchise to accommodate him by watering it down and building up the humour content.

In the Maverick series, he set himself apart by wearing a white jacket. The Persuaders was a good return to form. l would have liked to see him in more films, but Michael Caine and Peter O'Toole probably had him covered for a lot of roles.


I think Caine and O'Toole had a wider range - Caine particularly could go from cockney spiv (which he actually was) to a toff (Zulu, Dirty Rotten). O'Toole had a fair range but I don't remember him in much except historical roles (Lawrence, Henry II) or as a loony upper-class twit (The Ruling Class).

Moore could really just do toffs.


I was never a James Bond fan.
I first noticed him in Cannonball Run.
Although he just played his own version of the James Bond character.


Out of all the Bond's, Moore was the one I thought I could have handled pretty easily. There's no way he would have got my parachute in a mid air wrestle.


You couldn't hope for a better name as a Bond actor. Farking superb.


Maybe if he changed his name from Roger to Richard?


That may be but it was fun.

I also read some stuff from him where he said he actually did that on purpose. He said if Bond really was a spy then he was the worst one in history: everyone knew his name, what he looked like, who he worked for and how he always escaped and that his weakness was bedding women. Even worse, he could go to any bar anywhere and the bar tender could make his drink without being asked.

So he took the mickey out of the character and played him as a fool.


I always giggle at the "Bond wasn't serious enough" brigade.
They're 60s/70s pulp with helicopters everywhere, dwarfs and giants, underground bases and female leads like ■■■■■ Galore.

Please tell me again how somber and serious they are meant to be.


Or Moore to "Best"


I don't think his name needs any moore rogering


Callan and the Harry Palmer movies with Michael Caine do a good line in sombre, Cold War British spies.

And Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, where Claire Bloom was a true believer who knew the Party would look after her. Spoiler alert...they did, they shot the crap out of her.


Naturally enough, the Moore James Bond films are now getting a run on tv. The Spy Who Loved Me was on last night. I'd forgotten how beautiful Barbara Bach was. Jaws is hilarious.

I was never the biggest fan of Roger Moore's version of Bond to be honest. But as HAP points out, you watch them for the pulp they were. They're better than the Dalton ones, at any rate.

Live and Let Die on tonight. Not one of the better ones imo. But its still Bond.


I liked Live and Let Die.


Which movie has the American hick sheriff in it, and madcap zany action scenes? After digging all the Connery films, this was a real w t f moment.


Agreed. Great song.


But not the farking Guns 'n' Roses version. Axle and his ■■■■■■ tortured cat vocals.