Celebrity Deaths 2017


Prodigy, one-half of the seminal New York City hip-hop outfit Mobb Deep, died Tuesday at the age of 42. Mobb Deep's publicist confirmed the rapper's death in a statement to Rolling Stone.


Elie Weisel, buchenwald survivor, auschwitz survivor, Nobel laureate.

Died on a day when the US president talked about how 'the West' was being invaded and corrupted by sinister foreign forces and how Will would inevitably triumph...


He must have been pretty old.
I remember reading a horrific book of his, maybe 25 years ago. There was a particular scene he was describing, involving soldiers and babies that I've never been able to wash out of my mind.


Just a spritely 87


Didn't he die this time last year?


He died around this time last year. Simone Veil died recently


Vale Veil.


So he did. My mistake there, should have checked. Dunno why his death popped up in my twitter feed today though...


Death of a Legend. R.I.P.


Martin Landau, star of the Mission Impossible TV series, and many movies such as Ed Wood, dead age 89.


Sorry, I’m not going to miss an opportunity like that.


Space 1999



The name "crunchy_frog1" seems innocent enough, until a post like that. Then you realise there is a lot more meaning behind it than a fondness of frogs. A word of advice, why don't you take yourself back to the dark and dingy hiding holes of the internet and disappear from this forum forever.

Mods, you know what you need to do.


Absolutely loved that show as a child. A few years ago I downloaded it and re-watched for nostalgia. It is the most hilarious sci-fi you'll see.


Aaaaand back to normalcy, people.


Wow, to think for a while there, we had our very own David Irving. :neutral_face:


RIP Chester Bennington frontman for Linkin Park, 41


41? He looked older.


■■■■■■■ guttered. Grew up listening to linkin park throughout my teen years and went to nearly off of their shows when they toured here


Man have I car screamed/sung some Linkin Park over the years. ‘In The End’ is one of the all time great sing in the car songs. Ripping vocalist.