Celebrity Deaths 2018


Sudden Impact, The Gauntlet…rode on Clint’s coattails till he dumped her ■■■■. Never had any screen presence, for mine.


You sure? She was the stalker, wasn’t she…

(Not sure myself now)


Jessica Walter. Certainly wasn’t Sondra Locke.


Bugger. Sorry Sondra.


I hope Jessica Walter is still with us.


Remember that scene where Clint is sleeping and wakes to see a large knife coming down at him ?
Clint grabs the blade with his hand, and there is a lot of blood.

This was the movie that convinced me to either leave Mrs Fox the First or hide all the knives. I left the next day.

I still have nightmares about that scene, and thanks Diggs, for tonight’s loss of sleep.


It was a memorable scene that’s for sure.


Yeah Jessica Walter (still alive and is 77). Easy to confuse though because Clint liked all his women being light wispy looking women.


Walter’s character, Evelyn, was a bunny boiler of the highest order. Nightmare stuff indeed.

I heard of the sad passing of Australian drummer, Ron Sandilands this week. He was a fine drummer.


Who did he play with?


Here you go, Diggers.


Lots of people no one has heard of.
Jazz drummer.


If you ever watched Hey, Hey, it’s Saturday, you would have heard Ron drumming.


She plays the mum on Arrested Development


And (far more importantly, come at me bro) Malory Archer.



Wasn’t that Dezzy McKenna.


I think Animal (Dezzy) left Hey, Hey for a bit. Ron Sandilands definitely drummed on Hey, Hey.


Penny Marshall has passed away aged 74.

For those that might not know Penny was brilliant as Laverne in Laverne and Shirley, a spin off from Happy Days.

Penny was also one of the top-grossing female directors in Hollywood: Tom Hanks Big, A league of Their Own

I loved Laverne and Shirley.


I was keener on Shirley although Laverne would have been good fun.

Pretty talented family those Marshall’s.


I didn’t particularly like Laverne and Shirley but I did enjoy the parody on Wayne’s world, which is something I guess.