Celebrity Deaths 2018


Penny Cook from A Country Practice and ex-spouse of dirty old man, Clive Robertson, has dropped off the perch at age 61 from cancer.

I remember the episode on Clive’s late evening news show where they had a video of ■■■■ star, Cicciolina, showing us where Tasmania is, when standing for the Italian parliament. He must have shown it 20 times in a row.


There’s a little piece of my childhood gone… A Country Practice… wow.

Trivia, “cookie” was my grandfather’s cousin.

Cool story, bro


I recall a pretty confronting episode where meek little Grant Dodwell got tired of hearing and very quickly and effectively rebutted his wife Penny’s ‘just kick him in the nuts’ theory of rape prevention.

Pretty brutal for ACA.


Merda! I didn’t know she was sick.


Any excuse


Syd Heylen was that old that he was part of MY childhood.

Used to be in Sunnyside Up on a Friday night…or was it Saturday night. One of those shows used to whip out to the red hots at the Showgrounds.


Wasn’t that old when he bought it - only 60 or something


Didn’t Cookie’s mate from ACP get fingered for enjoying himself at the expense of young acting students?


Old knucklehead


■■■■■■ Hatfield.


I remember the episode where he lost his libido.
Good character acting.


Acquitted of charges.


So the the judge found that the prosecution failed to prove the charges against Cookie’s mate, not that Cookie’s mate is innocent?



Thanks for that viewpoint, Mr Whately.

I can’t find any reference to the court findings. Only that he was not guilty and never faced sentencing.


You find people accused of fiddling children funny?


I find your interpretation of the criminal system funny and quite similar to an angle adopted by certain people during a certain saga.

And as noted in my edit, I can find nothing online that indicates the basis of clearing him.


You said he had been acquitted?

There is a big difference between being acquitted and found not guilty. A very big difference which would bring a sigh of relief to one party and leave the other feeling a sense of despair. I can’t seen anything funny in that.


No idea on why he was cleared. Acquitted, not guilty, whatever. Neither, it appears, do you. So " Didn’t Cookie’s mate from ACP get fingered for enjoying himself at the expense of young acting students?" (an unfortunate choice of one particular word, fwiw) isn’t accurate in any way at all, including the alleged victim.



The Joan Jet/Kirner was the best one.


You sound like WADA.