Celebrity Deaths 2018


Same. Allways looked like he would be great fun to cruise a city and eat food drink beer with.


Yeh he was always entertaining on the food networks.


■■■■. Love his stuff. Parts unknown is a great show. Thought he died when he crashed there quad bike in New Zealand. Great chef with a dark sense of humor. I grew up in hospitality and he was the real deal


Jesus,… why?

Fkn shunted over this, …stunned. As mentioned elsewhere on Blitz not too long back, … my all time fave Celeb chef.

New GF in Argento, 11 yr old Daughter, … popularity continuing to rise and completely still rocking it at 61, I read an interview about his past troubles and how he was happy now and everything was cool just a month or so ago, … and he was in France in the midst of filming another series, … :confused:

It’s just fkn mindblowing.


Just read this. I really liked his work.


No good. Just no good.


Still shocked. He was one of our favourites on TV and his shows provided us with plenty of holiday ideas


got 676,000 likes.

He definitely had that rock-and-roll thing going on with that “go on impress me” attitude. But the food stuff was interesting.


I loved him but there is nothing more pretentious than food.


Fred Villiers - the chromedome dude who covered soccer on World of Sport - has blown the final whistle.


Pretentious people make food pretentious.

That’s why he/his show was so good, it was a food show that wasn’t really about the food. It was the people he shared it with, their traditions, stories and customs.

I do have my concerns about how Melbourne was represented thi, because I think Matt Preston took him for a kebab from one of those caravan things and said something like ‘I’ve woken up at 2am with a kebab in my hand and garlic sauce on my shirt’.


There’s nothing more salient than food.


If you loved him then you’d be aware that he did not present food to the viewer in a pretentious way.


Danny Kirwam has passed away at 68.

For those that do not know he was an extremely important and influential early member of Fleetwood Mac as a guitarist and writer. He joined them in 1968 and was involved in 5 of their albums. Their early blues work is brilliant.


I saw an episode of No Reservation recently where he got blind with these Central American blokes on locally made pss and then he flipped a quad bike on the beach. You got the impression that drinking the pss wasn’t optional and neither was operating the quad bike.


Loved Fred Villiers work on W.O.S - Loved his columns in the media when he managed to mention 50+ people each time - Met him on a couple of occasions and a real nice guy and a soccer tragic - ■■■■ never realised he was 90.


Danny Kirwan was very central to the Fleetwood Mac sound after Peter Green left, and was responsible for writing some of their most beautiful melodies on Kiln House and Bare Trees among others. l was so impressed that l went out and bought his 2 solo albums which were diabolically bad by comparison. One of those players who worked well in a group setting, but could not replicate the same quality on his own.



RIP Guitar Murphy. Played with some of the greats of the blues scene.


Peter Thomson, winner of multiple British Opens, died at 88, after suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

I think he was a Liberal member of the Victorian Parliament for a few years…Prahran from memory.