Celebrity Deaths 2018


Yeah hes a relative. Very sad.


Greatest Australian Golfer ever.

Not sure he was ever a State MP, certainly not for Prahan.


My condolences RC


His son was briefly a Federal Liberal MP


Sorry for you, mate.
He was, apparently, not in a good way for a while?


Yep, Andrew Thomson, Member for Wentworth for two terms.


Yes minister for sport and tourism until just before the Olympics


Thanks mate. Yes Parkinsons got him. He grew up in Brunswick road not far from royal park. As a young teen he used to collect golf balls from the course with his brother (my dad). When they each filled a bucket they would take them back to the club house and exchange them for a round of golf. The rest is history.


Sorry for your loss.

When I was a kid, my Uncle was on the Committee at Royal Park and it was special when Peter Thomson came to play a round. In early sixties, I remember following him around the course, he was always friendly and was a remarkable player.

Tell me he barracked for the Bombers !


No fcfc Bacchus. Fcfc was just down the road. I think I told the story before about how my dad broke ranks when he married an essendon girl. Peter was very generous with his time as returned to royal park golf club as recently as five years ago to speak at an event. Thanks for your kind words.


He actually did stand as a Liberal Candidate for Prahan in 1982, but got beaten by Bob Miller for Labor.

Miller played VFL footy at Melbourne I recall, but didn’t last long in Prahan.


Correct. That was the John Cain era.


My condolences to your family. My Mum is a Brunswick girl & was a friend of Peter & his family as teenagers at the Brunswick Presbyterian church.
Mum was telling me tonight she was walking down Collins st one day many years ago when she felt a gentle nudge in the back. It was Peter Thomson with a golf club in his hand.


That’s awesome. I guess she knew my grandmother Grace and grandfather Arthur the milkman? Thanks for your kind wishes. Cant imagine why he had a golf club in Collins Street lol!


Probably just out for a stroll,… putting along, … :slightly_smiling_face:

Condolences mate, always enjoyed watching him go around.


RIP Leon White aka Big Van Vader


More information required.


An acting wrestler, I believe.


Wrestling star and former WCW champion. Was a behemoth and one of the greats at the time I was growing up


Once had his nose broken and then his eye-ball pushed out of the eye-socket at the start of a match. He pushed the eye back under the eyelid (not fully back into the socket, but luckily it was held in by the swelling) and completed the 15 minute match.

You don’t tell him it’s not real.