Celebrity Deaths 2019


Yeah nah. He’s a nobody


I love Larry’s delivery- ‘will you finish the ■■■■■■■ joke already’!


Clinton Grybas 10 years ago today.

That went fast.



I remember which milk bar I was in when I first heard.


actually I remember where I was when phil hughes, rik mayall, frank drebin and hans gruber passed.

be a good dinner party. alive obviously.


I actually remember where I was too. Few celeb deaths have devastated me more I reckon


Daryl Dragon, aka the captain from captain and tenille went.

Best real name of anyone who’s ever used a stage name.

Good hat too.


11 actually. 2008, right?


Jeez, not to bring the mood further down, but when you google Clinton Grybas, he turns up with Wayne Carey as his picture.

He was great. Still no conclusion as to his cause of death. Very sad.


Most likely as I was relaying a Ricky Nixon quote.


Wasn’t he a sleepwalker who fell down the stairs?


His call of the final minutes of the Sydney/Geelong 2005 Prelim is probably the greatest sporting call I have ever ever heard. I was driving during that game and it was hairs on the back of the neck stuff. Absolutely incredible. Rex Hunt does his best to ruin it but even he can’t do it

Edit: and youtube delivers


yep, gashed his head and bled out is the quiet word.


wonder what stevens, purple or ralph would’ve turned it into.

doubt theyd even know he was in the same industry.


Ol’ Mr Dead Man’s Shoes, Dwayne Russell, got a Fox gig from Clinton dying, much as he got the 3AW gig with Gerard Healy on Hookesy’s death.


Sounds like a plumber.
And only talks $hit too.


That was some performance from N Davis.


Holy ■■■■ Annalise Braakensiek dead at 46


Not what the coroner concluded though. Dodgy heart valve and an allergic reaction to something


She was a perfect bikini model, God’s got himself a hot angel now. RIP