Celebrity Deaths 2019


She was good fun on Fat Pizza.


Was going to post the same thing. Obviously had a good sense of humor about her. Very sad.


That wasn’t a prelim


Yes you’re right. Semi


I had a full on




Jimmy Hannan, television personality from the 60’s and 70’s, dropped off the twig at age 84.

Fair set of clackers on the man…not Mercury-esque, but pretty equine.

Was at the front of the queue when teeth were being handed out. Unfortunately it was the queue for horses.


Steve Buscemi’s wife of more than 30 years, Jo Andres, has died at 65.


Michael J Fox expires in. a car crash.


couldn’t get to 88?


Where are you seeing this?


At the risk of being trolled, I was wondering that myself…



Look, get your first tattoo, die in car crash, it’s much the same thing.

His middle name is Andrew, BTW. I’m shocked and disappointed.


Yeah. The J was added to sound good.
He was just Michael Fox in Class of ‘84.
‘You don’t scare me, freako!’

He uh…he really did kind of scare him.


Vale Michael J A B T W Fox



I’m sorry I am missing a joke here I guess?


Carol Channing was a funny lady.
Good innings.


Actually it was added because there was already an actor by the name of Michael Fox, a veteran actor. He added the J because he didn’t like the sound of A nor did he want to change and use the name Andrew, thought it sounded silly. He settled on the J in homage to Michael J. Pollard.