Celebrity Deaths 2019


He played the evil rich guy in that movie where they stole his car.


Possibly had Wahlberg in it, and the car was at the top of a tower and was hard to steal, maybe.


He didn’t want that. Very much into stage/theatre work and happy pottering around in TV.


And now does a lot of really good science communication work.


He was in Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanours, which is one of my favourite films. He played an incredibly successful and incredibly stupid comedian who pinches Diane Keaton from Woody.

I hated MASH too. So trite it was unwatchable.


I loved MASH and still do. The poignant and witty dialogue still brings a smile - or tear. The plot is often irrelevant, it’s the interactive repartee and the amazing emotional roller coasters the characters take us on.


I thought the movie was good.
No Alan Alda, though.


Same. Loved the majority of the characters.

R.I.P. Niki Lauda


I have the box set and still watch regularly, love the interactions, and witty dialogue.

yes what?
Yes sir
Yes sir what?
yes sir yes sir, three bags full?

Classic Burns being an idiot.


I think it was called “The Car That Was Quite Hard To Steal But Wahlberg Managed”.


People missing the point of MASH, to an extent. It was set in Korea, but was firmly an anti Vietnam war based show. As such it was ground breaking and a surprise that it managed to be on the air in the first place. The scripts were brilliant. Radar was a classic character, but Major Burns was a comic mater piece.


Yep. Simply cannot fathom hating MASH.

Classic show. Brilliantly written and executed.


Yes agree. Did not mean to dismiss the importance of this while recognising the brilliance of the script writers. The emotion & humour of course was often as a result of the situation they were in.
Loved both Henry Blake & Sherman Potter. The collection of Potter’s quotes is worth a read.


There was one episode Radar was slowly mailing a Jeep back home to his parents.


And another where Klinger was trying to eat one, … to get back home to his parents.


Loved Corporal Klinger, he always dressed so well. :smiley:


At one stage, the Victorian cricket team had Lloyd Mash and Michael “Maxie” Klinger opening the batting!


Big fan of Charles Emerson Winchester

So pompous


thats how i imagine noonan to be.


no idea who has died - singular and plural