Celebrity Deaths 2019


That cat was called “Tard”.

Its owner, post the viral explosion, tried to claim it was short for “Tardar Sauce”.


Niki Lauda has died :frowning:



That’s no Gouda.


Gone at 70yo, but with his horrific injuries, it was amazing he made it.

Sad news.


Lauda got back into the car & raced ( Italian GP?) 6 weeks later.

Think about that, wow


Not unlike Hotlips Houlihan, he survived having major burns on his face. RIP Niki.


How long before Hird came back after his face injury?


The procedures he went through to get back… horrific.


I reckon it was 8 to 10 weeks?

Somebody here much smarter than me, will know


What happened to Hot Lips?


Ran his own airline which is still in operation. He was some guy.


Frank Burns was her lover on MASH.



Thank you, Icey. At least you’re switched on.


Do they get a discount at the crematorium?

Too soon? Too tasteless?




I really hated M * A * S * H


Could not agree more. Peak ‘Murican dribble.




I always thought Alan Alda would have gone on to become a major movie star but it never happened.


Wasn’t he more into the the-a-tre?