Celebrity Deaths 2019


11 years yesterday that Heath Ledger passed.

In my opinion the greatest actor(along with Cate Blanchett) we have produced and on his way to being a legend.

Some actors can go through their careers making good films without ever making truly great films that will forever stand the test of time.

Heath made two in my opinion. Brokeback Mountain and of course The Dark Knight.

The risks he took on screen reminded me of a young Robert Deniro.

Sad that we most likely never got to see the best of Heath.


H Leger’s performance was so good in The Dark Knight, I was going for The Joker in his battle with Batman.


Sometimes I just flick through DK just to see him.

It’s up their with deniro in raging bull, Pacino in scarface.

I’m not sure if this’ll get me HD & Q but I do wonder if he would have got a gong if he hadn’t passed.

Superhero movies don’t usually fare well.


I suspect he would not have got an Oscar if he didn’t pass.

They are notoriously conservative with their choices.

I thought he should have won for Brokeback over Capote also.


I thought PSHs interpretation was like something you’d just rip out as a dinner party impersonation.

In Hollywood you’ve either got to do the time or blow Harvey Weinstein


I am a huge PHS fan so I won’t knock his performance but I thought what Heath did as artistic expression vs mimicking a famous person.

Both require skill obviously but I always lean towards the artistic side personally.



Oscars are all about politics.
Win the palm greasing contests and you win.
Get out greased and you lose.


Also about the Holocaust and homosexuals. Get into one of those niches, and you’re a good show.


Comedian Kevin Barnett has died suddenly at the age of 32 while on holiday in Mexico.




If you don’t know probably not worth trying to explain.


I was disappointed enough when I realised it wasn’t Kevin Bartlett.


Hyacinth Bucket’s fella died.


Clive Swift, who played the long-suffering husband of Hyacinth Bucket in the British comedy Keeping up Appearances has died at age 82.




Have you seen it? Classic Troma film.


Celebrity Deaths? Shouldn’t that be Celebrity Passes.


Andrew McGahan, author of Praise, 1988, and other books that weren’t as good, died of cancer aged 52.


Not old at all.